Earth Science

  1. Where is groundwater stored
    in rock and sediment below earth's surface
  2. consumption of water is largest in what country?
    The united states it has more than doubled in consumption in the last decade
  3. What is groundwater?
    water that is present in rocks or unconsolidated materials below eathes surface
  4. What is mineral water?
    What that can dissolve rocks becuase it is relatively high proportion of dissovled minerals.
  5. TDS stands for? and means what?
    Total Dissolved Solids- represents a measure of how manyh minerals are present in water.

    to be labeled mineral water it must have 250 parts per million (ppm) TDS
  6. Purified water?
    contains less than 10 ppm TDS and is essentially free of all minerals
  7. Woburn, Massachusetts- what happened here?
    W.R. Grace contaminated the wells. 8 million to each of the families. But others had to pay up to 70 million to clean everything up.
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