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  1. New Deal
    Term used by FDR in 1932 acceptance speech that came to describe his whole reform program
  2. Brain Trust
    FDR's reform-minded intellectual advisers who conceived much of the New Deallegislation
  3. Hundred Days Congress
    Popular term for the special session of Congress in early 1933 that passed vast quantities of Roosevelt-initiated legislation
  4. Civilian Conservation Corporeration
    The early New Deal agency that worked to solve the problems of unemployment and conservation by employing youth in reforestation and other socially beneficial tasks
  5. Works Project Administration
    Large federal employment program, established in 1935 under Harry Hopkins that provided jobs in areas from road building to art
  6. Blue Eagle
    Widely displayed symbol of the National Recovery Admin. (NRA), which attempted to reorganize and reform U.S. industry
  7. Agricultural Adjustment Administration
    New Deal farm agency that attempted to raise prices by paying farmers to reduce their production of crops and animals
  8. Dust Bowl
    The drought-stricken plains areas from which hundreds of thousands of "Okies" were driven during the Great Depression
  9. Tennessee Valley Authority
    New Deal Agency that aroused strong conservative criticism by producing low-cost electrical power in competition with private utilities
  10. Social Security
    New Deal program that financed old-age pensions, unemployment insurance, and other forms of income assistance
  11. Committee of Industrial Organization
    The new union group that organized large numbers of unskilled workers with the help of the Wagner Act and the National Labor Relations Board
  12. Security and Exchange Commission
    New Deal agency established to provide a public watchdog against deception and fraud in stock trading
  13. American Liberty League
    Organization of wealthy Republicans and conservative Democrats whose attacks on the New Deal caused Roosevelt to denounce them as "economic royalists" in the campaign of 1936
  14. Court Packing
    FDR's scheme for gaining Supreme Court approval of New Deal legislation
  15. Hatch Act
    Law of 1939 that prevented federal officials from engaging in campaign activities or using federal relief funds for political purposes
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