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  1. Androgen
    Substance that produce male hormones
  2. Balanitis
    Inflammation of the penis
  3. Cryogenic surgery
    Surgery produced by cold
  4. Crytorchidism
    Condition of hidden testicles
  5. Gonorrhea
    Seed discharge
  6. Orchiectomy
    Excision or removal of the testis or testicle
  7. Orchitis
    Inflammation of the testicle
  8. Penoscrotal
    Pertaining to the penis and scrotum
  9. Prostatectomy
    Excision or removal of the prostate gland
  10. Spermolytic
    Breakdown of semen
  11. Oligospermia
    Pertaining to scanty semen
  12. Teratoma
    Monster like tumor
  13. Varicocele
    Twisted or swollen varicose vein
  14. Vasectomy
    Excision or removal of vas deferns
  15. Azoospermia
    Lack of animal life in semen
  16. Orchiopexy
    Fixation of the testicle or testis
  17. Vasovasostomy
    New opening of the vas deferens and vas deferens
  18. Angiogram
    Record of vessels
  19. Aortic stenosis
    Tightening of the artery
  20. Angioplasty
    Surgical repair of the vessel
  21. Arteriosclerosis
    Hardening of the artery
  22. Endarterectomty
    Surgical removal of inner layer of artery
  23. Arteriography
    Process of recording the artery
  24. Atheroma
    Mass or tumor of yellowish plaque or fatty substance
  25. Atherosclerosis
    Hardening due to fat
  26. Atherectomy
    Excision or removal of yellowish plaque
  27. Cardiomyopathy
    Abnormal heart condition of the heart muscle
  28. Bradycardia
    Slow heart rate, less than 80bpm
  29. Tachycardia
    Fast heart rate, greater than 100bpm
  30. Myxoma
    Tumor of the mucus
  31. Hypoxia
    Pertaining to inadequate oxygen
  32. Phlebotomy
    Process of cutting in the vein
  33. Thrombophlebitis
    Inflammation of the vein clot
  34. Arrhythmia
    Pertaining to without rhythm
  35. Thrombolysis
    Breakdown of clot
  36. Valvuloplasty
    Surgical repair of the valve
  37. Valvotomy
    The process of cutting in the vessel
  38. Vasoconstriction
    Tightening or narrowing of the vessel
  39. Vasodilation
    Dilation of vessel
  40. Vascular
    Pertaining to the vessel
  41. Venous
    Pertaining to the vein
  42. Venipuncture
    A puncture of the vein
  43. Interventricular septum
    Pertaining to the septum between the ventricles
  44. Adenoidectomy
    Excision or removal of adenoids
  45. Adenoids hypertrophy
    Excessive or high nourishment or development in the adenoids
  46. Bronchospasms
    Tightening of the bronchus
  47. Bronchiectasis
    Dilation of tbe bronchus
  48. Bronchodilator
    Dilation of the brochus
  49. Bronchopleural
    Pertaining to the bronchial tube and pleura
  50. Bronchiolitis
    Inflammation of the bronchiole
  51. Hypercapnia
    Condition of excessive carbon dioxide
  52. Pneumoconiosis
    Conditon of dust in the lungs
  53. Laryngospasm
    Tightening of the larynx
  54. Lobectomy
    Excision or removal of a lobe of the lung
  55. Mediastinoscopy
    Process of visually examining the mediastinum
  56. Orthopnea
    Breathing straight and upright
  57. Dysphonia
    Condition of abnormal or difficult voice
  58. Phrenic nerve
    Nerve pertaining to the diaphragm
  59. Pleurodynia
    Pain in the pleura
  60. Pleural effusion
    Accumulation of fluid in the pleura; from infections, trauma, CHF, cirrhosis
  61. Pneumothorax
    Air in the chest or lung

    *air in the pleural space which has no way of escaping; caused by rupture of alveoli in disease, mechanical ventilation or trauma; causes dyspnea; tx with chest tube insertion
  62. Pneumonectomy
    Excision or removal of air
  63. Pulmonary
    Pertaining to the lung
  64. Rhinorrhea
    Discharge of the nose
  65. Spirometer
    Instrument used to measure breathing
  66. Atelectasis
    Without complete expansion of the lung

    *Collapsed lung; incomplete expansion of the alveoli, due to blockage or material in pleura such as air, blood, pus
  67. Thoracotomy
    Proces of cutting into the chest
  68. Tracheotomy
    Process of cutting into the trachea
  69. Tracheal stenosis
    Pertaining to the tightening of the trachea or windpipe
  70. Empyema
    Condition of pus in the pleural cavity
  71. Anosmia
    Without smell
  72. Apnea
    Without breathing
  73. Dyspnea
    Difficult or abnormal breathing
  74. Hyperpnea
    Excessive or deep breathing
  75. Tachypnea
    Rapid breathing
  76. Hemoptysis
    Spitting blood
  77. Asphyxia
    Without pulse
  78. Hemothorax
    Blood in the chest
  79. Pyothorax
    Pus in the chest
  80. prostatitis
    inflammation of the prostate gland
  81. cardiogenic shock
    shock produced by heart
  82. pericardiocentesis
    surgical puncture to remove fluid from the pericardium
  83. alveolar
    pertaining to the alveolus/airsac
  84. hypoxia
    condition of decreased oxygen
  85. Pleurisy
    inflammation of pleura; causes pleurodynia, dyspnea and can lead to pleural effusion
  86. Candidiasis
    fungal infection normall present in body orifices and skin overgrows in mouth, respiratory system and skin
  87. Herpes simplex (HSVI)
    causes lesions (blisters) on lips, nose and genetalia; can cause encephalitis
  88. Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia
    causes lung infection resulting in fever, cough and chest pain
  89. TB
    bacterial infection of lungs resulting in fever, weight loss, anorexia and malaise
  90. Pertussis
    bacterial infection with paroxysmal coughing with whooping sound
  91. Croup
    acute viral infection causing barking cough, stridor and leads to obstruction
  92. Diptheria
    bacterial infection causing inflammation and a leathery membrane to form over trachea and pharynx (DPT)
  93. Epistaxis
    nose bleed
  94. Transurethral reserction of prostate
    using resectoscope to go through urethra to cut pieces of the prostate
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