Day 9, botany, leaves

  1. Functions of leaves (2)

  2. Functions of the leaves take place in... (2)
    -at the node

    -just below the axillary/lateral bud
  3. Leaf structures (6)





    -type of leaf
  4. Blade (leaf structure)
    green and leafy
  5. Petiole (leaf structure) (2)
    -leaf stalk

    -not always present
  6. Stipules (leaf structure) (3)
    -paired (2 at a node)

    -just below the leaf

    -often fall off or not seen
  7. Veins (leaf structure) (2)
    -net veins : Dicots

    - parallel veins : Monocot
  8. Venation (major vein pattern) (leaf structure)
    -pinnate veins and palmate veins
  9. (venation pattern) Pinnate veins
    • -mid rib and side veins
    • * feather or ladder like
  10. (venation pattern) Palmate vein
    many veins radiating from center

    ex) maple leaf
  11. (leaf structure) Type of leaf (2)
    simple leaf and compound leaf
  12. (type of leaf) Simple leaf
    -blade is all in one piece

    (look for auxillary bud)
  13. (type of leaf) Compound leaf
    -blade divided into segments

    -has leaflets
  14. (types of compound leaves) Pinnately compound
    branch then branches off
  15. (types of compound leaves) Palmentely compound
    -looks like a palm
  16. Modifications of leaves (6)
    -Environmental conditions





  17. (Environmental conditions) Xerophytes (3)
    -dry and arid

    -has sunken stomates

    ex) cacti, succulents
  18. (Environmental conditions) Hydrophytes (3)
    -wet and aquatic

    -stomates on top

    ex) underwater and floating plants
  19. (Environmental conditions) Mesophytes
    -middle conditions
  20. (modification of leaves) Tendrils (3)
    -used for attachments

    -some vines have it

    ex) peas and grapes
  21. (modification of leaves) Spines (3)

    -modification of leaves to prevent water loss

    ex) barberry or cacti
  22. (modification of leaves) Scales (3)
    • -fleshy leaves (bulbs)
    • *used for storage
    • ex) onions

  23. (modification of leaves) Bracts (seaflowers)
    -just below the flowers

    -green or colored

    ex) poinetta
  24. (modification of leaves) Insectivirous
    -catch bugs with leaves

    -used to get extra nitrogen
  25. Image Upload 1
  26. (leaf anatomy) Epidermis (6)
    -upper and lower epidermis

    -one layer thick

    -parenchyma tissue (lack chloroplasts

    -cuticle (waxy covering)

    -can have hairs or trichomes

    -lower epidermis contained guard cells and stomates
  27. (leaf anatomy) Mesophyll
    -middle of leaf


    2 levels: palisade and spongy layer
  28. (mesophyll) Palisade (5)
    -towards the top

    -are a few layers

    -vertical cells

    -tightly packed

    -***they trap light
  29. (mesophyll) Spongy layer (4)
    -toward bottom

    -has air spaces

    -gas exchange with stomates

  30. (leaf anatomy) veins
    -vascular bundle in the leaf

    • *xylem towards the top of leaf
    • *Phloem towards the bottom of leaf
    • *bundle sheath surrounds the leaf
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