Psych -- Categories of Problems

  1. Anxiety Disorders
    • -Essentially Fear
    • - phobic disorders, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD
  2. Mood Disorders
    -ups and downs, mood fluctuations

    -more down than most people and for longer, manic episodes, delusions.
  3. Schizophrenic Disorders
    Hallucinations, hearing voices
  4. Dissociative Disorder
    Dissociative Identity Disorder-- multiple personalities
  5. Substance abuse disorder--(self explanatory)
  6. Psychosexual disorder
    -paraphelia (attraction to strange things), pedophilia, gender identity disorder, problems with arousal or pain during.
  7. Personality Disorders
    Psychopath, anti-social personality disorder
  8. Somatoform Disorders
    -exhibit physical problems though there is nothing physically wrong with them.

    -Hysteria (now called Conversion disorder)
  9. Factitious disorders
    They do something to themselves so that they need medical attention.

    -drink bleach to go to doctor, or cut themselves.

  10. Childhood disorders
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Psych -- Categories of Problems
Psych -- Categories of Problems