214-Quality of Life Matters

  1. 214-01 Padlock Law Program
    The “Padlock Law” authorizes the Police Department to commence a “Padlock
    Hearing Proceeding” when_____or more separate arrest incidents for public
    nuisance offenses, resulting in _____criminal conviction, have been made within a ______month period prior to the commencement of such a proceeding. In
    addition, to indicate that the illegal activity is continuing, a triggering arrest should
    be made within _______ days prior to the issuance of the Notice of Hearing.
    • -two (2)
    • -one (1)
    • -twelve (12)
    • -thirty (30)
  2. 214-01 Padlock Law Program
    Define a CLOSING ORDER -
    An order signed by the Police Commissioner that orders a premises closed for a period not to exceed one (1) year. After this Closing Order becomes effective, any person (including the owner), wishing to gain entrance to the location must obtain the approval of the precinct desk officer.
  3. 214-01 Padlock Law Program
    An order signed by the Police Commissioner ordering the discontinuance of illegal activity at a premises. The premises may remain open to conduct legitimate business activity. However, if an arrest for a predicate padlock offense occurs inside the premises while the “Order of Discontinuance” is in effect, the premises is automatically closed for the remainder of the original one (1) year period.
  4. 214-01 Padlock Law Program.
    Submit a list of new public nuisance premises to WHO? AND when?
    • -the Patrol Services Bureau (through channels) on or before the first (1st) day of each month.
    • *Include for each location:
    • -A one (1) year arrest history
    • -Padlock Identification Sheet (Misc. 2128).
  5. 214-01 Padlock Law Program
    Review monthly printouts of targeted premises and notify who of status changes.?
    Organized Crime Control Bureau
  6. 214-01 Padlock Law Program.
    COMMANDING OFFICER establish a “Padlock Log,” utilizing a Department record book and allocating ________pages for each premises served with an Order?
    • -ten (10) pages.
    • - A copy of the appropriate Police Commissioner’s Order will be affixed to the first (1st) page of each corresponding ten(10) page section
  7. 214-01 Padlock Law Program.
    The “Padlock Law” provides that the PADLOCK CLOSING ORDER or
    DISCONTINUANCE ORDER must be posted for _________days before being enforced.
    five (5) business days
  8. 214-02 Narcotics Eviction Program
    Who will maintain appropriate contact with concerned borough narcotics district of the
    Organized Crime Control Bureau regarding locations involved in this initiative?
  9. 214-02 Narcotics Eviction Program
    When considering the circumstances of an incident, it should be noted that an eviction
    can be brought upon direct or circumstantial evidence that the premise is used for an
    illegal narcotic business.
    • a. Observations of the direct sale of narcotics, OR
    • b. Inculpatory statements by occupants regarding the sale of narcotics
  10. 214-02 Narcotics Eviction Program
    When considering the circumstances of an incident, it should be noted that an eviction can be brought upon direct or circumstantial evidence that the premise is used for an illegal narcotic business. EXAMPLES OF
    which supports most eviction proceedings, include: ?
    • a. Recovery of an amount of narcotics inconsistent with personal use (typically 1/8 of an ounce or more) OR,
    • b. Recovery of cutting agents, scales, strainers, pestles, empty or new glassine
    • envelopes or vials, plastic bags, rubber stamps, drug records, and other items
    • associated with the preparation, manufacture, packaging, or storage of narcotics
  11. 214-03 Graffiti Reward Program
    If a civilian is present at a Department facility to report an act of graffiti vandalism, the telephone switchboard operator will obtain all necessary information and?
    • call the Graffiti Hotline.
    • *In addition, the telephone switchboard operator will ensure that the complainant is fully apprised of the steps to take to claim a reward.
  12. 214-03 Graffiti Reward Program
    If arrest was made pursuant to a radio run, obtain a SPRINT printout of the job. Attach to SPRINT printout arrest paperwork and give to?
    commanding officer.
  13. 214-03 Graffiti Reward Program
    Take appropriate steps to advertise this program in their local communities WHAT are some examples that this procedure uses?
    • -Community Council Meetings
    • -Tenant Association Meetings
    • -local newspapers, etc.
    • *in order to attain maximum civilian participation
  14. 214-05 Selection and Utilization of Auxiliary PO Volunteer
    Auxiliary police officers will be considered eligible for these assignments ONLY upon the recommendation of their precinct’s who ?
    special operations lieutenant and after receiving proper training by the borough Vice Enforcement Unit and the Auxiliary Police Section.
  15. 214-05 Selection and Utilization of Auxiliary PO Volunteer
    Prohibit the auxiliary police volunteer from performing an undercover operations where?
    in either their precinct of assignment or precinct of residence.
  16. 214-05 Selection and Utilization of Auxiliary PO Volunteer
    Direct the precinct’s auxiliary coordinator to identify, by personnel data records and conferral with Auxiliary Police Section, those auxiliary police officers over what age?
    for possible assignment.
    eighteen (18) and less than twenty (20) years and six (6) months of age for possible assignment
  17. 214-06 Operational Guidelines for Homeless Outreach Unit
    UNIFORMED MEMBER OF THE SERVICE will request response of Homeless Outreach Unit supervisor in the following situations (among other reasons):
    a. Emotionally Disturbed Person (EDP)
    b. Acute Medical Condition
    c. Intoxicated Homeless persons. ALTHOUGH If intoxicated homeless person is encountered, the homeless person may be removed to where?
    • only to an alcohol detoxification center upon their consent
    • * Document each contact with a homeless person on CONTACT INFORMATION SHEET (PD 304-140).
  18. 214-08.Chronic Abuser Alarm Procedures.
    Upon response to a radio code signal 10-11 (Alarm Condition) and investigation discloses transmission of alarm was unnecessary or unfounded AND PERSON QUALIFIED TO ACCEPT SERVICE OF NOTICE OFUNNECESSARY ALARM NOT PRESENT, UMOS will prepare NOTICE OF UNNECESSARY ALARM and place original where?
    • in mailbox or under door.
    • *Check box “DOOR SERVICE” on remaining copies of NOTICE OF UNNECESSARY ALARM and deliver to desk officer for Crime Prevention Officer
  19. 214-12.Unlawful Evictions
    UMOS will prepare summons in cases where the violator is properly identified and occupant is permitted to reenter the dwelling. If a civilian is the complainant, delete the word “Complainant” and substitute the word“Officer” on the bottom two (2) lines of front of summons. In addition, draw line throughthe words, “I personally observed the commission of the offense charged above”immediately above the “Rank/Signature of Complainant” caption. In everycase in which a civilian complainant is involved, the name, address, and telephone number of the complainant will be entered WHERE?
    along the left margin on the reverse side of the summons.
  20. 214-14.Driveway Tow Program.
    If the registered owner or other person in control of the vehicle arrives at the scene priorto the removal of the vehicle and the vehicle is connected to any apparatus for removal, the vehicle shall be disconnected and the person will be allowed to remove the vehicle without interference upon payment of a reasonable service fee not to exceed?
    fifty dollars($50.00),
  21. 214-15.Anonymous Controlled Substance Program.
    DESK OFFICER will have the following forms prepared
    Instruct person to retain copy of ANONYMOUS NARCOTICS RECEIPT and call command after seven (7) working days to obtain analysis results by identifying self with the code phrase.
    COMMANDING OFFICER,COMMAND CONCERNED will have results of analysis (positive or negative) entered WHERE?
    in Command Log, in margin next to original entry.
  22. 214-17.Vacant Buildings
    Upon observing a vacated building, while on patrol:
    1. Examine building to determine if it is properly secured.
    2. Notify supervisor on patrol if hazard exists, BUT if the building presents a substantial hazard?
    Report the facts to the member on telephone switchboard duty if not previously reported
  23. 214-17.Vacant Buildings
    What does the COMMANDING OFFICER review to note locations and hazardous vacant buildings added to the list since previous review?
    Vacant house list and HIGHWAY CONDITION RECORD periodically,
  24. 214-20.Repair of Entrances Damaged During Forced Warrant
    Who will the COMMANDING OFFICER/DUTY CAPTAIN notify if IMMEDIATE repairs are requested?
    • Notify Operations Unit and request assistance of Building Maintenance Section personnel.
    • *Include in notification:
    • (1) Description of damage to be repaired, and
    • (2) Whether a Department locksmith, glazier or carpenter will be required.
  25. 214-21.Project Safe - Escorts for Safe Horizon Clients
    Safe Horizon policy is to ensure that domestic violence victims still cohabiting with the batterer must have WHAT in order to have their Locks changed? And WHO ensure this policy is enforced?
    • -an exclusionary Order of Protection in order to have their locks changed.
    • -Desk officers will ensure that this policy is enforced.
  26. 214-22.Wkly St Cond Survey & Daily Observations of Highway
    The precinct community affairs officer shall examine the HIGHWAY CONDITION RECORD/WEEKLY STREET CONDITIONS SURVEY REPORT and confer with complainants and agencies concerned, where appropriate. Member concerned will keep the precinct commander informed, and if the condition cannot be resolved, the precinct commander shall submit a report on Typed Letterhead to?
    Chief of Department describing the condition and action taken.
  27. 214-25.Deactivation of Motor Vehicle Alarms
    According to this procedure, what does the Precinct's Motor Vehicle Alarm File contain?
    lists the names, address, telephone numbers and license plate numbers of residents who have had anti-theft vehicle alarms installed.
  28. 214-25.Deactivation of Motor Vehicle Alarms
    Uniformed members of the service are not permitted to deactivate building alarms but may issue a summons if the alarm does not deactivate within HOW long?
    fifteen (15) minutes.
  29. 214-33 Care & Disposition of Animals
    When it is necessary to transport an animal to an A.C. & C. of New York City facility, THE PATROL SUPERVISOR WILL direct that a kennel be brought to the scene from WHERE ?
    If necessary,additional kennel(s) need to be requested fromWHERE?
    • - the command concerned.
    • - an adjoining command or the patrol borough concerned.
  30. 214-34 Police Action in Premises Lic or Unlic
    When an ARREST, SUMMONS OR COMPLAINT or OTHER POLICE ACTIONS are taken in connection with a premises, licensed or unlicensed, in which alcoholic beverages are sold the PRECINCT COMMANDING OFFICER will ensure a copy of POLICE ACTION LICENSED/UNLICENSED PREMISES(PD310-150) is prepared and forward, direct, to ?.
    • -the Precinct Commanding Officer where premises is located
    • - "NYC Department of ConsumerAffairs"
  31. 214-35 311 Terminals
    COMMANDING OFFICER will confer with ________regarding outstanding dispositions?
    • the integrity control officer and desk officer.
    • *Ensure a list of locations deferred to the special operations lieutenant ismaintained at the desk.
  32. I.O. 21 s.03 NYC Smoking Ban
    When a member of the service is advised by a member of the public that the newSmoke-Free Air Act is being violated THE MEMBER OF THE SERVICE will acertain no other violations involved and?x
    direct complainant to call 311 to have complaint forwarded to the Department of Health.
  33. I.O. 21 s.03 NYC Smoking Ban
    Violations of this chapter are only enforced on a “Notice ofViolation Returnable to the Department of Health” to be issued by WHO?
    • agents from
    • -The Department of Health
    • -Department of Consumer Affairs
    • -Department of Environmental Protection
    • -Fire Department
    • -Sanitation Department
    • -and The Buildings Department.
  34. Interim Order 29(11) - New York City Department of Building Access Warrants
    Who will request COMMUNICATIONS SECTION to assign an RMP unit to accompany inspector to identified location?
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