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  1. Traffic Homicide Investigations and Death Investigations will be conducted as:
    Criminal Investigations
  2. A Traffic Homicide Investigation or Death Investigation will be conducted when: (List 10)
    1. An intentional criminal act is committed that results in a death on roadways OR areas within FHP jurisdiction.

    2. A member of the Division investigates a traffic crash involving death.

    3. Death occurs 90 days or less from crash AND the M.E. determined the death was a result of the crash.

    4. An Un-born child dies in a traffic crash and the M.E. completes a death certificate.

    5. FHP vehicle or On-Duty personnel are involved in a non-fatal crassh. THI may be waived by Troop Commander.

    6. Traffic fatality on Private Property.

    7. An Industrial crash ON or OFF resulting in fatality.

    8. An Agricultural accident in groves or fields resulting in fatality.

    9. Fatal Crashes OR incidents that occur on roadways or ares within FHP jurisdiction as a result of a heart attack.

    10. Other Natural deaths OR suicides occur in motor vehicles.
  3. There shall be a minimum of ___ members on the scene of every fatal crash that meets the criteria for a Class One and Class Two THI.
  4. One member will conduct the Traffic Crash Investigation and a Traffic Homicide Investigator will conduct a Traffic Homicide Investigation.
    When can the THI work both Traffic crash and Traffic Homicide?
    Single Vehicle/ Single Occupant fatal (Class 2)

    Death Investigations that meet criteria for Class 3 will be investigated by THI.
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