1. Supplies
      • Sterile Foley kit (plus extra on hand) CHECK EXPIRATION DATE
      • Sterile gloves
      • clean gloves available in room
      • perineal care supplies
      • for males 5-10 mL 2% Xylocaine if agency allows
  2. Rubric
      • Hand hygieve
      • Introduce self
      • ID patient
      • Explain procedure and their help - e.g. empty bladder completely prior to surgery
      • If female is this going to be comfortable for you? (Agency policy on person of same gender in attendance...)
      • Provode for patient privacy
      • If female, can knees bend and hips externally rotate?
      • Last void or last cath?
  3. Preparation
      • Raise bed to working height
      • Positioning and draping of the patient
      • Clean gloves for perineal care, discard gloves, hand hygiene
      • Confirm no allergies
      • Place kit between their legs
      • Form bag into waste receptacle
      • Confirm manufacturers inflation volume
  4. Draping
      • Open kit between their legs, tape towards you
      • Drop first drape shiney side down
      • Don sterile gloves
      • Drop fenestrated drape
  5. Equipment Preparation
      • Move inner trap closer to Pt
      • Apply syringe and test balloon
      • Saturate cleansing balls
      • Open lubricant and empty into tray
      • Lubricate catheter: 1-2 or 6-7
  6. Cleanse Patient
      • Left hand spreads labia OR holds base of penis
      • With forceps take cotton ball to right labia majora and discard - AVOID STERILE FIELD
      • Repeat for: left labia majora, right then left labia minora and finally urinary meatus
  7. Insert catherter
      • Pick up catherter 2-3 from tip
      • Ask patient to take a deep breth and exhale slowly
      • Insert catheter without contamination on the skin, advance 2" after flash of urine
      • Without releasing labia hold catheter in nondominant hand and with dominant hand inflate balloon
      • If pain deflate and advance, otherwise
      • Remove syringe, gentle tug, if an uncircumcised male pull foreskin back.
  8. Finishing steps
      • Remove sterile gloves
      • Assess color, clarity, and volume (Do not drain more than lOOOcc initially)
      • Secure catheter to leg/bag on bed frame
      • Cleanse perineal area
      • Discard supplies
      • Instruct Pt on movement with catherter in place
      • Hand hygiene
      • Document
  9. Remove catheter
      • Hand hygiene, etc.
      • Don clean gloves
      • Deflate catheter and squirt water in towel
      • Check for additinal water in balloon
      • Remove catheter and PINCH to keep urine from spraying
      • Fold catheter into towel
  10. Empty catheter
      • Protective barrier on floor
      • Cleanse drainage spout with alcohol
      • Empty catheter bag into beaker
      • Cleanse drainage spout with alcohol
      • Cover beaker with towel and take to bath to empty into...
      • Clean graduated cylinder with patient name and room number ON PAPER TOWEL
      • Accurately read graduated cylinder using infection control principles
      • Discard urine in the toilet
      • Hand hygiene
      • Document
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