1. complication
    ; difficulty, obstacle

    1. difficulty

    2. a secondary disease, an accident, or a negative reaction occurring during the course of an illness and usually aggravating the illness

    -Thank you for coming without complications/problems.
  2. regimen
    ; plan, programe

    1. goverment control

    2. a systematic plan for theraphy

    -diet regimen, daily beaty regimen
  3. a leap year
    ;intercalary or bissextile year

    • <-> a common year
    • a year containing one additional day

    February 29
  4. staff
    staff(o) staffs(x)

    • We need a staff.
    • We need the staff.

  5. touch and go
    a. dangerous and uncertain in nature or outcome; precarious, delicate 아슬아슬

    -She is fine now, but it was touch and go for a while.

    • -Are you failing your class?
    • No, but it was touch and go.
  6. throw in the towel
    ;throw in the sponge

    admit to defeat; quit

    -It's too soon throw in the towel.
  7. at (the) most
    at least최소한<-> at most최대한

    • -How long can you stay here?
    • At most 3 months.

    -I don't do very well in this exam. I think I would get C+ at the most.
  8. revel
    • v. take delight in; enjoy, delight
    • n. merrymaking

    -Are you here to revel in your glory?
  9. shoulder
    -I was a shoulder to cry on.

    -When the world is gone, you will always have my shoulder to cry on.
  10. in agony
    -I have been in agony.

    I am trouble in fitting in.
  11. hog

    1. a person regarded as greedy and pig-like; selfish person

    2. take more than one's share; take greedily

    -Don't hog TV too much.
  12. I am at your service.
    • 잘 부탁합니다.
    • ready to do anything
  13. smack dab in the middle
    smack-dab: directly

    -Kansas is smack dab in the middle of the US.

    -I am standing smack-dab in the middle of the freeway.
  14. bad hair day
    -I am having a bad hair day.

    1. a day which one's hair is untidy and unmanageable

    2. a day of mishaps and general irritation ; a day when everything seems to go wrong
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