Acronyms 4

  1. AACP
    American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
  2. AANP
    American Associan of Nurse Practitioners
  3. AAPA
    American Academy of Physician Assistants
  4. AAPS
    American Association of Pharmacists Scientists
  5. AAPT
    American Association of Pharmacy Technicians
  6. ACA
    American College of Apothecaries
  7. ACCP
    American College of Clinical Pharmacy
  8. ACPE
    Accredidation Council for Pharmacy Education
  9. ADA
    American Dental Association
  10. ADA
    American Diabetes Association
  11. AFPE
    American Foundation for Pharmacist Education
  12. AIHP
    American Institute fo the History of Pharmacy
  13. AMA
    American Medical Association
  14. AMCP
    Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy
  15. APHA
    American Public Health Association
  16. ASCP
    American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
  17. ASHP
    American Society of Helath-Systems Pharmacists
  18. ASPEN
    American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
  19. ASPL
    American Society for Pharmacy Law
  20. FIP
    International Pharmacists Federation
  21. FMI
    Food Marketing Institute
  22. IACP
    Institute for the Advancement of Community Pharmacy
  23. IPSF
    International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation
  24. JCPP
    Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners
  25. NABP
    National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
  26. NACDS
    National Association of Chain Drug Stores
  27. NCPA
    National Community Pharmacists Association
  28. NCPDP
    National Council on Patient Information and Education
  29. NCSPAE
    National Council of State Pharmacy Association Executives
  30. NDMA
    National Drug Manufacturers Association
  31. NISPC
    National Institute for Standards in Pharmacist Credentialing
  32. NPhA
    National Pharmacist Association
  33. NPhA-SNPhA
    NPhA Student National Pharmacists Association
  34. NWDA
    National Wholesale Druggist Association
  35. PCAB
    Pharmacy Compounding Accredidation Board
  36. PhRMA
    Pharmacist Research and Manufacturers of America
  37. USP
    United States Pharmacopeia Convention, Inc,
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