1. dollar grill restaurant
    farringdon road/ roseberry ave
  2. london fashion centre
    fontill road sdor n bound
  3. majestic hotel
    seven sisters road
  4. kent hall hotel
    seven sisters road
  5. radio taxis
    lennox road - off fontill road
  6. the garage
    holloway road- sdol just before highbury cnr
  7. st mary's islington church
    upper st- big church next to cake shop
  8. club union house
    upper st next to maccy d's
  9. the griffin pub
    clerkenwell road -opposite roseberry ave
  10. little angel marionette theatre
    dagmar passage/ off cross street -sdor in
  11. myddleton sq
    river street/ inglebert street
  12. old china hand restaurant
    tysoe street - sdor coming down roseberry ave *note nlt in use yardley st, wilmington sq
  13. kolossi rest (greek)
    roseberry ave -opposite yardley st
  14. wilmington sq
    tysoe street
  15. south sq
    high holborn - leading into grays inn sq
  16. holker library
    south sq wc1- in via high holborn
  17. barnards inn
    holborn- opposite bike park- cant sdor
  18. gresham college
    holborn- opposite bike park- cant sdor
  19. cursitor street
    furnival st/ chancery lane* blocked - can exit via norwich st/ furnival st/ fetter la
  20. halton house/ press complaints commission
    holborn - opposite bike park -cannot sdor
  21. seven stars pub
    carey street
  22. the knights templar pub
    carey street
  23. law society/ 6 clerks restaurant
    chancery lane -below carey street
  24. secrets 6 bar
    parker street
  25. fox house
    bottom of grays inn road -sdol southbound
  26. secrets club wc1
    grays inn road -sdor southbound @bottom
  27. tristan bates theatre
    tower street- in via monmouth street lower part
  28. westminster gardens
    marsham street
  29. le beaujolais rest
    letchfield st - sdol in from charing x road - out r onto west st
  30. childrens welfare centre
    marsham street -opposite shepherds restaurant
  31. chelsea college of art and design (university of arts)
    marsham street -sdol off from millbank
  32. millbank lounge
    john islip st/ next to doubletree hilton
  33. shepherds restaurant
    marsham street
  34. baniel gate - leading into lindsay sq
    drummond gate
  35. eccleston house
    eccleston sq - south side... lol l only st georges drive, lor l/r belgrave road
  36. buddhist society
    eccleston sq - south side... lol l only st georges drive, lor l/r belgrave road
  37. santini restaurant
    ebury street
  38. tophams hotel
    ebury street sdor -opp santini rest
  39. leopard bar
    buckingham palace road
  40. bag o nails pub
    buckingham palace rd/ on cnr of lwr grosvenor place
  41. girl guides association
    buckingham palace road - next to leopard bar
  42. shakesphere pub
    buckingham palace road - just past victoria st sdol
  43. pier house
    oakley street -sdor southbound
  44. grosvenor hotel sw1
    buckingham palace road
  45. daily telegraph
    buckingham palace road
  46. platform 17/hole in the wall
    buckingham palace road- 1st r eccleston st
  47. carlyles house
    upper cheyne row
  48. phene pub
    phene street -in from oakley st
  49. shrewsbury house
    cheyne walk slip
  50. ropers orchard
    danvers street
  51. spanish embassy consular section
    draycott place
  52. san domenico house
    draycott ave
  53. genting casino (mint casino)
    cromwell road, on cnr of queensberry place
  54. palm restaurant
    pont street -near to chesham place
  55. hix belgravia restaurant
    pont street -near to chesham place
  56. duplex ride
    kinnerton street
  57. petrus restaurant
    kinnerton street
  58. kazakhstan embassy
    thurloe street -lol only, cannot sdor
  59. brompton library
    old brompton road- opposite coleherne court
  60. balans west restaurant
    old brompton road- sdol west bound just before redcliffe gardens
  61. coleherne court
    old brompton road -sdol westbound before redcliffe gardens
  62. maggies club (80's club)
    sdol fulham road west bound, just before park walk
  63. hache restaurant
    sdol fulham road west bound, just before park walk
  64. 333 club
    sdol fulham road west bound, just before park walk
  65. goat in boots pub
    sdol fulham road west bound, just before park walk
  66. the boltons
    gilston road/ boltons place -opposite goat in boots pub fulham road in
  67. true buddha school -RIGPA
    caledonian road - sdol heading southbound opp cally pool?
  68. baden powell house
    queens gate -lol only
  69. montrose court
    exhibition road - sdor n bound just past prince consort road
  70. edna house
    norfolk sq
  71. brunei hall
    norfolk sq
  72. kingsway hotel
    norfolk sq - (gone) now called chrysos hotel
  73. norfolk plaza hotel
    norfolk sq
  74. hotel indigo hotel w2
    london street
  75. ashley hotel
    norfolk sq
  76. king edward 7th hospital for officers
    beaumont street -in from devonshire st, r beaumont st sdor. lol l weymouth st, or f westmoreland st
  77. regents park station
    marylebone road/ park cres
  78. somerstown coffee house
    chalton street - sdor n bound
  79. argyle sq
    crestfield belgrove st- f into argyle sq
  80. red hot restaurant
    chalton street nw1 - sdol heading n bound
  81. caprice restaurant nw1
    chalton street - sdol heading n bound
  82. the rocket pub
    chalton street- sdol on corner of euston road
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