15 Audition

  1. Follow magician.
    Bugsy; You look peachy
    Blousey: I look a mess.
    Wheel on dummys.
    • Hi there,
    • Bigdaddy is the name
    • and Bigdaddy is the game.
    • And here are my two little friends
    • Annie and Daisy.
    • Say hello Annie.
  2. Annie; Hi everyone how you doing?
    Bigdaddy: Now you Daisy.
  3. Daisy: No! I’m shy.
    • Bigdaddy:
    • Don’t be shy,
    • the audience are lovely people,
    • aren’t you?
  4. Annie; Well I don’t like the looe of them.
    Daisy: Neither do I, and don’t know what are we doing here?
  5. Oscar Me neither!! ! Next!
    Annie; What did that nasty guy say Daddy?
  6. Oscar: Next?
    Bigdaddy: He doesn’t he like us?

    • Annie:
    • You want me to kisk him Daddy?

    Bigdaddy: No leave him.
  7. Daddy: You are a yerk mister!!
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15 Audition