Science Vocabulary

  1. The basic unit of structure and function of living things.
  2. Too small to be seen without a microscope
  3. Any living thing that maintains vital life processes
  4. The thin covering that surrounds every cell.
    Cell membrane
  5. The part of a cell that directs all of the cell's activities. A dense area in the center of an atom that contains protons and neutrons.
  6. The jelly like material inside a cell between the cell membrane and the nucleus.
  7. A single celled organism with a nucleus and organelles.
  8. A group of cells that work together to perform a certain function.
  9. A group of organs that work together to do a job for the body
    Organ System
  10. The organ system that turns food into nutrients that body cells need for energy, growth and repair.
    Digestive System
  11. The organ system made up of the heart, blood vessels, that transports materials through out the body.
    Circulatory System
  12. The organ system including the luungs' that exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide between the body and the enviorment
    Respiratory System
  13. The organism system that includes the bones, that protects the body and gives it sculpture.
    Skeletal System
  14. the organ system that includes the muscles and allows th ebody to move.
    Muscular System
  15. The organ system including brain, spinal cord, and nervesthat senses your surroundings and control other organsims.
    Nevous System
  16. the organ system including the kidneys and bladder that removes waste materials from the blood.
    Excretory System
  17. a group of tissues that work together to preform a certain function.
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