Lymphatic System

  1. Interstitial Fluid
    Fluid that came out of capillary beds
  2. The transport of interstitial fluid is renamed what?
  3. What are two roles of the lymphatic system?
    • * Fat digestion
    • *Protects the body from bacterial invasion
  4. Afferent
    going into lymph node
  5. Efferent
    Filtered lymph Going out of Lymph Nodes through hilus.
  6. Cysterna Chyli
    An enlargement of the thoracic duct. Receives lymph from lower abdomen, pelvis and lower limbs.
  7. Lacteals
    specialized lymph vessels in small intestine that returns lipids to cysterna chyli.
  8. The thoracic duct is also called
    Left lymphatic duct
  9. what type of fiber are lymph nodes made of ?
    Reticular fiber
  10. what are the indent in the Lymph nodes called?
  11. what is the purpose of reticular fibers in lymph node?
    slow down foreighn invaders for macrophage and lymphocytes to eat
  12. What is the outer layer of the lymph node called?
  13. What is the inner region of lymph nodes called?
  14. What is in sub-capsular Sinus? (free space lymph node)
    • a) Macrophage
    • b)Dendritics cells
  15. What do the dentritic cells do as part of the immune system?
    Initiates immune response
  16. What is in the outer cortex(Germinal Center) of lymph nodes?
    B-cell lymphocytes with plasma and memory cells
  17. What is in deep cortex of lymph nodes?
    Mostly T-cell lymphocytes
  18. What is in the medulla of lymph nodes?
    B-cells and plasma cells
  19. 2nd response is also called?
    Anemnestic response
  20. Where does the thymus glad sit?
    Ontop of heart
  21. what is the Fuction of thymus?
    Involved in training of t-lymphocytes to distinguish self from non self. Differentiates thymocytesinto t-lymphocytes
  22. Tonsils:
    What are the four lymphocyte organ macrophages in tonsils?
    • 1)Pharyngeal (adenoids) One only
    • 2)Palatine ( Tonsils )
    • 3)Lingual
    • 4)Tubal
  23. what is the largest lymphoid organ?
  24. Spleen (4)
    • *A site for lymphocyte production, immune surveillance and response.
    • *stores breakdown products of RBC to be later processed by liver.
    • *Store platelets
    • *can make blood in emergency
  25. Blood clensing fuction of spleen
    removal of bacteria , viruses, toxins, celluar debris
  26. 3 Function of Lymph Nodes
    • 1)Filter foreighn particles from lymph
    • 2)produce and house lymphphocytes
    • 3)House macrophage to engulf and destroy foreighn particles
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