07 Isaac and Jacob

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  1. Abraham's wives
    • Sarah *
    • Hagar (Sarah's Egyptian maid)
  2. The son of Abraham & Hagar
  3. The son of Abraham & Sarah
  4. Whom did Ishmael marry?
    an Egyptian woman
  5. Whom did Isaac marry?
  6. The sons of Isaac and Rebekah
    • Jacob (Israel)
    • Esau
  7. Who is Zilpah?
    Laban's maid who was given to Leah to be her maid
  8. Who is Bilhah?
    Laban's maid who was given to Rachel to be her maid
  9. Sons of Jacob
    • Reuben (L)
    • Simeon (L)
    • Levi (L)
    • Judah (L)
    • Dan (B)
    • Naphtali (B)
    • Gad (Z)
    • Asher (Z)
    • Issachar (L)
    • Zebulun (L)
    • [Dinah] (L)
    • Joseph (R)
    • Benjamin (R)
  10. Why could Isaac only marry a woman from among his own kinsmen, not a Canaanite woman?
    • Foreign women tend to lead their families astray to the worship of false gods
    • If the chosen people intermarry, they could dissipate and disappear from history
  11. Whom did Esau marry?
    a Canaanite woman
  12. Why does Isaac, after being deceived by Rebekah and Jacob, no longer have any blessing for Esau?
    Because the blessing given to Jacob includes the right of being master over his brothers
  13. What is the first major theophany in Jacob narrative?
    the Jacob's ladder
  14. Who is Dinah and what's interesting about her?
    Dinah was a daughter of Leah. She got raped by Shechem, the prince of the land, a Canaanite. To avoid this amalgamation of Israelites and Canaanites, Simeon and Levi deceived the men of the town into being circumcised and, when they were in pain, killed them all.
  15. Who are the sons of Judah by Tamar?
    • Perez
    • Zerah
  16. Who are the sons of Judah by Shua's daughter?
    Er, Onan, Shelah
  17. What was the sin of Onan?
    coitus interruptus, or onanism
  18. Other names for "The People of Israel"
    Hebrews, Israelites, Jews
  19. Who were the "People of Israel" and how were they specially called by the Lord?
    • They are the first to hear the Word of God.
    • They are to be further formed by the Law and the Prophets – a story that will be told in the rest of the Old Testament.
    • Because of these special gifts to Israel, Israel refers to God as Father.
    • Israel was chosen through sheer gratuitous love.
    • After being chosen, again out of love, God never stopped saving them and pardoning their unfaithfulness and sins.
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