Fire Instructor 1

  1. A type of evaluation that can be used throughtout a course delivery and provides immediate feedback is a _________ evaluation
    B. Formative

    p. 127
  2. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the lowest of basic need in a human is ______.
    D. physiological

    p. 65
  3. A problem encountered with using small "pass-around" items as instructional media is learners:
    C. having their attention divede between the two media sources.

    p. 224
  4. Performance standards for fire instructors are identified in:
    B. NFPA 1041

    p. VII
  5. One disadvantage of a videotape system is:
    D. that it requires extensive time to script, shoot, and edit.

    p. 236
  6. An accident report should document:
    C. facts

    p. 28
  7. Whil you are displaying and explaining a wall chart, you relaize that the learners are being distracted by the video power poin projector you have left on after the last point you made. The correct procedure would be to:
    C. walk over to the projector and turn it off.

    p. 224
  8. The primary purpose of collecting training data and analyzing the information is to:
    C. enhance learning efficiency

  9. Training reconds will do all of the following:
    • A. identify instructional deficiencies.
    • B. document training that has been completed.
    • D. be used in legal case if someone is hurt.

    p. 252
  10. For instructors to be effective, they must understand the meaning of words, how to use them and in what context a word should be used. This is the definition of:
    D. Semantics

    p. 13
  11. Training records can be maintained on a computer system:
    D. if security measures are in place to limit access.

    p. 242
  12. An instructor can gauge how thoroughly the learners are grasping the lesson by:
    B. the feedback received from the learners.

    p. 218
  13. An accident analysis is conducted to achieve all of the following:
    • A. disclosing the nature and size of the accident
    • C. identifying the need for entineering revisions.
    • D. identifying problems in operating procedures and guidelines.

    p. 29
  14. When given a topic for instructional delivery, an instructor should determine what materials are needed:
    B. from the lesson plan on the topic

    p. 142
  15. Trainin is an important responsibility that requires commitment from officers.
    • A. company
    • B. chief
    • C. staff

    p. 1
  16. To aid learners in reaching their highest potential in taking a test, the instructor should do all of the following except:
    • A. read instructions aloud while students read them silently.
    • B. provide directions that are clear.
    • D. keep intructions to a minimum during the test.

    p. 199
  17. Students have the opportunity to have hands-on training during the ______ step of the four-step insturction process.
    C. application

    p. 118
  18. you have been assigned to teach a CPR class. You should gather your materials and resources during the ______ step of the four-step instructional process.
    A. preparation

    p. 98
  19. A person who performs at the Instructor 1 level is responsible for:
    C. Presenting lessons

    p. 4
  20. Name three parts of the Evaluation step of the instructional process?
    • A. Having learner perfrom the job unassisted
    • B. Asking prepared questions
    • D. Having learners criticize other learners' performances.

    p. 118
  21. What is the principal difference between a study sheet ("S") and an information sheet ("I")?
    C. "I" is a fact sheet to supplement other course resources; "S" is designed to arouse learner interest in areas to study.

    p. 128
  22. Why are study sheets used?
    A. To arouse learner interst in a subject.

    p. 128
  23. At the third intermediate level of instruction, the learner should be able to:
    C. apply hydraulic formulas

  24. In which step of the lesson plan outline are learners motivated?
    A. Preparation

    p. 115
  25. During which step of the lessson plan is a learner given an opportunity to practice what has been learned?
    C. Application

    p. 69
  26. Training recores that conat names, grading, and scoring infromation are subject to the provisions of:
    C. the Family Education Righs and Privacy Act of 1974

    p. 253
  27. During the application step in teaching, an opportunity is provided ro all of the following except:

    A. learner evaluation of the instructor.

    p. 118
  28. The least powerful learning channel to the brain is the sense of
    D. taste

    p. 68
  29. A good learning environment requires planning, sound organization, and:
    D. lesson continuity

    p. 132
  30. The correlation between classroom field activities mujst be considered during the:

    • A. preparation of lesson plans
    • p. 134
  31. When is an instructor fully trained?

    • B. Never
    • p. 7
  32. Employment programs that are required by federal statutes designed to corredt discriminatory practices in hiring minority group members are the:

    • B. Affirmative action programs
    • p. 39
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