Exam 3

  1. What is the LEAD Program and why should you participate?
    The LEAD program stands for Leadership and Excellence Academies for Deltasigs, which are training, educational, and social gatherings of brothers from across the country. This program combines provincial, regional, and area conferences, training schools and LeaderShape. I should participate to better myself personally, professionally and fraternally while also developing my leadership skills. It is also a great chance to support the Fraternity and have fun at the same time.
  2. What is the National Fraternity’s web site address?
    The National fraternity’s web site is www.dspnet.org
  3. Explain the Educational and Leadership Consultant program in your own words.
    The educational and consultational program provides one of the national services to collegiate chapters. The educational and consultants, and various other office members periodically visit each collegiate chapter on their respective campus. These visits include meetings, training, and discussions about all areas of chapter operations including recruiting, financial management, professional programming, service events, diversity, risk management and conduct, academic encouragement, faculty and campus relations, alumni relations, motivation, teamwork and more.
  4. How many collegiate chapters have been established and how many collegiate chapters are active today Approximately how many alumni chapters are active today?
    273 Collegiate chapters have been established. 203 Collegiate chapters are active today. Approximately 56 (?) alumni chapters are active today.
  5. Write the Greek alphabet in both English AND using the Greek letters.
    Alpha – Α

    Beta – Β

    Gamma – Γ

    Delta – Δ

    Epsilon – Ε

    Zeta – Ζ

    Eta – Η

    Theta – Θ

    Iota – Ι

    Kappa – Κ

    Lambda – Λ

    Mu – Μ

    Nu – Ν

    Xi – Ξ

    Omicron – Ο

    Pi – Π

    Rho – Ρ

    Sigma – Σ

    Tau - Τ

    Upsilon – Υ

    Phi – Φ

    Chi – Χ

    Psi – Ψ

    Omega – Ω
  6. What is the Greek letter name of your chapter and on what date was it founded?
    The Gamma Theta (ΓΘ) Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi (ΔΣΠ) was founded on May 7, 1949.
  7. Name up to five Deltasigs who are members of your school’s faculty and/or staff.
    Accounting- Dr. Angela Andrews and Dr. Maef Woods

    Management- Richard Osborn, Joan Penner-Hahn, Dr. Ammanuel Tekleab

    Marketing- Dr. Hugh Cannon, Dr. Richard Beltramini

    Finance- Dr. Margaret Smoller

    ISM- William Burrell, Dr. Antoinette Sommers

    Economics- Dr. Allan Goodman

    WSU Faculty- Ahmed Ezzedine, Rick Earnest, Linda Zaddach
  8. Approximately how many people have been initiated into the Fraternity since its founding?
    There have been approximately over 230,000 intiates to the fraternity since its founding.
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