vocabulary 1

  1. ostensible
    openly stated but is probably not the true purpose or reason
  2. benevolent
    kind and generous
  3. disparity
    inequality, difference
  4. disseminate
    to spread information, ideas etc to as many people as possible, especially in order to influence them

    ex) recist messages are being widely disseminated via the internet
  5. propencity
    a natural tendency to behave in a particular way (usually negative)
  6. succor

    ex) they did nothing to give her succor or even cry alarm
  7. censure
    the act of officially expressing strong disapproval and criticizm

    ex) it would be appropriate, as a form of censure, to publish their names
  8. surrogate
    a surrogate person or thing is one that takes the place of someone or something else

    ex) surrogate mother
  9. jubilant
    extremely happy and pleased
  10. bespectacled
    wearing glasses

    ex) bespectacled faces
  11. carcinoma
    an abnormal growth in the body caused by cancer
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