biology revision

  1. Seven Features of Life
    What is Mrs Gren?
    • Movement
    • Respiration
    • Sensitivity
    • Growth
    • Reproduction
    • Excretion
    • Nutrition
  2. What is Movement?
    Can either move in full or in a part (even plants)
  3. What is respiration?
    provides energy from food, usually combining oxygen and sugar
  4. What is sensitivity?
    respond to their surroundings, especially if there are changes (plants grow towards light)
  5. what is growth?
    grow to adult size, plants may keep growing as long as they live
  6. What is reproduction?
    Producing offspring to protect the species from becoming extinct
  7. What is excretion?
    Realease waste products which have been formed by chemical reactions in cells
  8. What is nutrition?
    Need food, provide energy for growth plants take in their food by photosynthesis animals eat.
  9. Oganisation in the body
    What is the orgainisation of the body?
    Cells - tissues - organs - organ systems -organism
  10. Systems in the human body

    What are the systems in the human body?
    • Muscular - tricep
    • Respiratory - Lungs
    • Skeletal - tibia
    • Excretory - kidneys
    • Circulatory -heart
    • Nervous - brain
    • Endocrine - thyroid
    • Reproductive - ovaries(female)
    • Digestive - stomach
  11. Why are all humans different?
    • Humans look different because we have different genetics
    • we all have different D.N.A
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