Chapter 15 (2)

  1. Where are gustatory receptors located?
    • Mainly on superior surface of tongue within taste buds.
    • Also some are located in the pharynx and larynx; however, these decrease in number and utility with age.
  2. Where are taste buds located?
    Along the epithelium lining tongue projections. (Lingual papillae)
  3. What are the three papillae types?
    • Circumvallate papillae
    • Fungiform papillae
    • Filiform papillae
  4. Describe the location and structure of circumvallate papillae.
    • Located in V-shape on the posterior tounge.
    • Large with deep folds containing 100 taste buds.
  5. Describe the structure of fungiform papillae.
    Shaped like small buttons with shallow depressions. Each containing 5 taste buds.
  6. Describe the function of filiform papillae.
    Provide friction but contain no taste buds.
  7. Describe the structure of gustatory cells.
    Each extends slender microvilli into surrounding fluids through narrow opening (taste pore) of the taste bud.
  8. What is the number of gustatory cells per bud and what is the average life span of each cell?
    • 40-100 receptor cells/bud.
    • 10 days
  9. What are basal cells?
    Stem cells that divide and mature to produce more gustatory cells.
  10. What are the four primary taste sensations?
    • Sweet
    • Salty
    • Sour
    • Bitter
  11. What are the other taste sensations of the mouth?
    • Umami
    • Water receptors
  12. What do Umami receptors detect and what binds to the receptor?
    • Meaty or savory.
    • Amino acids.
  13. What role do water receptors play in the body?
    Send information ot the hypothalamus to manage thirst.
  14. Why is receptor sensitivity 100,000 times more sensitive to bitterness and 1000x more sensitive to sour (acids) as compared to sweet and salty?
    • For survival purposes.
    • Toxic compounds are often bitter.
    • Acids can create chemical burns.
  15. Why is there a decline in receptor gustation sensitivity due to age?
    The number of taste receptors declines along with olfactory receptors.
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