history 12:5

  1. monsoon
    seasonal winds
  2. spices
    key product of SE Asia
  3. matrilineal
    inheritance through the mother
  4. indian
    influence that reached its peak 500-1000
  5. Indonesia
    largest Muslim population of any nation
  6. pagan
    • kingdom that arose in fertile rice-growing valley in present day Myahmar
    • major buddhist center
  7. irrawaddy valley
    fertile rice growing valley
  8. King Anawrahta
    • 1044 united the pagan kingdom
    • brought buddhism to burman people
  9. stupas
    dome shaped shrines
  10. Khmer
    empire 800-1350 who saw themselves as god kings
  11. King Suryavarman II
    1100 built great temple complex at Angkor Wat
  12. Srivijaya
    trading empire in Indonesia 600-1200
  13. Strait of Malacca
    vital strait to shipping
  14. Red river delta
    heart of N vietnam
  15. paddies
  16. impact
  17. Trung Trac & Trung Nhi
    39; noble sisters that led an uprising that briefly drove Chinese occupiers from the land
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