vocab 15/16

  1. condemn
    to express strong disapproval of
  2. culpable
    deserving of blame or punishment for being wrong, evil, etc
  3. exonerate
    to free from blame or responsibility
  4. extort
    to obtain by force or threat
  5. incorrigible
    incapable of being correced or reformed
  6. malfeasance
    wrong doing or misconduct, esp by public offical
  7. misdemeanor
    a minor offense/misdeed
  8. purloin
    to steal in violation of trust
  9. ruffian
    a gangster or tough/rowdy person
  10. unscrupulous
    lacking moral restraint
  11. august
    majestic, inspiring awe
  12. condescend
    to lower oneself to the level of one condidered inferior... to treat others as if their inferior
  13. deference
    respectful yielding to the opinion or wishes of another; courteous respect
  14. grovel
    to behave so humbly that it is demeaning;
  15. lackey
    one who does lowly jobs for another w/o questioning
  16. predominate
    to be greatest in number or importance
  17. slavish
    acting under the will of another like a slave
  18. subjugation
    the act of conquering or bringing under control; enslavement
  19. supercilious
    proudly scornful; disdainful
  20. sycophant
    a person atempting to win favor by flattering important people
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