Cardiovascular System

  1. aneruysm
    sac formed by localized dilation of an artery or vein
  2. angina pectoris
    chest pain caused by decreased oxygen supply to heart
  3. aorta
    supplies oxygen-rich blood from heart to rest of body
  4. aortic valve
    between left ventricle and aorta
  5. arrhythmia
    variation from normal rhythm of heartbeat
  6. arteriosclerosis
    thickening and loss of elasticity of arterial walls, slowing blood flow
  7. asystole
    no heartbeat
  8. atherosclerosis
    form of ateriosclerosis in which fats are deposited on arterial walls
  9. atrioventricular node (AV)
    located in right atrium, responsible for coordinating contractions through ventricles
  10. atrium
    upper chambers of heart
  11. bradycardia
    slow heartbeat, pulse of less than 60
  12. cardiac arrest
    heart function stops
  13. cardiomyopathy
    weakening of heart muscle
  14. carditis
    inflammation of heart muscle
  15. cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
    sudden and acute vascular lesion of brain caused by hemorrhage, embolism, thrombosis, or rupturing blood vessels
  16. claudication
    cramplike pains in calves due to poor circulation
  17. coarctation
    stricture or narrowing of vessel
  18. cusp
    flap on valves of heart
  19. diastole
    resting heartbeat
  20. dysrhythmia
    abnormal rythym
  21. embolism
    blocking of artery by embolus
  22. embolus
    foreign object carried by blood and forced into smaller vessel, causing blockage in circulation
  23. endocardium
    inner surface of heart chambers
  24. epicardium
    out layer of heart
  25. fibrillation
    small, local, involuntary muscular contraction caused by spontaneous activation of single muscle cells or muscle fibers
  26. heart failure
    defective blood pumping system, marked by breathlessness and abnormal retention of sodium and water
  27. hypertension
    persistent high blood pressure
  28. infarction
    localized area of ischemic necrosis causing blockage in blood supply
  29. inferior vena cava
    brings venous blood from lower regions of body to right side of heart
  30. ischemia
    deficiency of blood flow to part of body
  31. lumen
    cavity or channel within any organ, space within artery, vein, intestine, etc
  32. malaise
    general vague body weakness/discomfort
  33. mediastinum
    space in chest between lungs where heart is
  34. mitral valve
    located between left atrium and ventricle, two leaflets
  35. mitral valve prolapse
    extra clicking sound, failure of heart valves to close properly
  36. myocardial infarction
    death of heart muscle due to absence of blood supply
  37. myocardium
    middle, thickest layer of heart wall, made of cardiac muscle
  38. occlusion
  39. orthopnea
    person must sit up or stand to breathe comfortably
  40. papillary muscles
    special muscles connected to leaflets of valves to allow them to only open in one direction
  41. pericardium
    exterior layer covering heart
  42. phlebotomy
    cutting into a vein
  43. plaque
    deposit of fatty material in artery (atherosclerosis)
  44. pulmonary artery
    carries blood to lungs from right side of heart to get oxygenated
  45. pulmonary valve
    between pulmonary artery and right ventricle
  46. pulmonary vein
    carries oxygenated blood from lungs to left side of heart
  47. saphenous veins
    longest veins located in lower extremities
  48. sinoatrial node (SA)
    heart's pacemaker located in right atrium responsible for coordinating heart contractions through atria
  49. sinus rhythm
    normal heartbeat originating from SA node
  50. stenosis
  51. superior vena cava
    brings venous blood from head and upper limbs to right side of heart
  52. systole
    pumping/contracting phase of heartbeat
  53. tachycardia
    abnormally fast heart rate
  54. thrombophlebitis
    inflammation of vein due to thrombus formation
  55. thrombosis
    blood clot
  56. transient ischemic
    brief interruption of circulation to a portion of the brain. Precursor to stroke
  57. tricuspid valve
    located between right atrium and right ventricle, three leaflets
  58. ventricle
    lower chambers of the heart
  59. aneurysmectomy
    surgical removal of aneurysm
  60. angiography
    x-ray study of blood vessels
  61. angioplasty
    surgical or percutaneous reconstruction of blood vessels
  62. anticoagulant
    removes or prevents blood clots
  63. cardiac catheterization
    long, fine catheter is navigated through a peripheral blood vessel into chambers of heart using x-ray visualization as a guide
  64. cardiac output
    volume of blood (L) that heart pumps per minute
  65. cardiotomy
    surgical incision or opening of heart for repair
  66. cardioversion (defibrillation)
    brief charges of electricity applied to chest to stop cardiac arrythmia
  67. collateral circulation
    circulation by secondary channels after obstruction of principal channel supplying heart
  68. coronary artery bypass graft
    use of leg vein or synthetic material to substitute for a blocked artery in heart
  69. diuretic
    promotes removal of excess interstitial fluid and results in increase urine
  70. echocardiogram
    graphic recording of reflected ultrasound waves from heart
  71. electrocardiogram
    electrical recordings of heart activity by electrodes on chest wall
  72. endarterectomy
    removal of interior portion of an artery and occluding fatty deposit
  73. extracorporeal circulation
    circulation of blood outside of body for purposes of removing or exchanging substances
  74. percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty
    dilation of blood vessel by balloon catheter inserted through skin into lumen of vessel to site of lesion; balloon inflated to flatten plaque against artery wall
  75. stent
    device placed in artery after angioplasty surgery to keep from narrowing again
  76. stroke volume
    volume of blood pumped per contraction
  77. thallium stress test
    use of radioactive tracer given during exercise to detect decreased blood flow to portion of heart
  78. thrombectomy
    removal of blood clot
  79. vasodilator
    agent that dilates blood vessels
  80. vasopressor
    agent that constricts blood vessels
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