1. Magandang araw!
    Beautiful day!

    This is how Filpinos would say hello. It's the equivalent of "Good morning!" though you can use it in the early afternoon too.
  2. Mahal kita
    I love you

    This is the most common way of saying "I love you." This phrase can be used with anyone, from your wife to your grandfather.
  3. Sarap nito
    This is delicious/This feels good

    The Tagalog word for "delicious" is also used for something that feels good.
  4. Maligayang bati
    Happy wishes

    This is how Filipinos would say Happy Birthday.
  5. Ayaw ko
    I don't want/I don't like/I don't want to

    This Tagalog phrase is often shortened to one word: Ayoko.
  6. Gusto ko 'to
    I like this/I want this

    The Tagalog word "gusto" can mean "want" or "like"
  7. Sandali lang
    Just a moment/Wait/Hold on a sec
  8. Ingat ka
    Take care
  9. Aalis na ako
    I'm leaving now.

    A phrase Filipinos use when they'd like to say goodbye.
  10. Pasensya ka na
    Sorry, bear with me.

    Use this phrase when you've done something that inconveniences a Filipino.
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