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  1. acid etch
    chemical used to form microscopic grooves in the tooth surface to allow for adhesion of dental materias to the enamel
  2. self cured sealant
    materials set by means of a chemical reaction.
  3. light cured sealant
    type of sealant that is hardened by use of a curing light
  4. articulating paper
    colored paper used to check the patients occlusion
  5. polymerization
    to harden
  6. high spot
    when the teeth come together too soon
  7. coalesced
    fused together
  8. mechanical bond
    sealant flows into the irregularities of the treated enamel and locks into place
  9. basic set up
    mouth mirror,explorer,cotton pliers
  10. high-speed handpiece
    operates at 450,000 rpm
  11. deposit slip
    itemized memo of currency and checks to be credited to pratices account
  12. low speed handpiece
    operates between 6,000 and 25,000 rpm
  13. restrictive endorsement
    endorsement placed in the back of the check to prevent it from being cashed if stolen
  14. payor
    person writing the check
  15. payee
    person to whom the check is written
  16. debit
    items other than cancelled checks, that have been deducted from the account
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