Bio 1

  1. Who is Theodosius dobzansky
    proposed that nothing made sense in biology
  2. What is Evolution?
    Change in properties of groups of organisms over the course of generations. Individuals dont evolve put populations do
  3. Population
    group of interbreeding organisms of the same species
  4. What happens with the use of antibiotics?
    Bacteria evolve and become resistant to them
  5. Who is Darwin?
    A naturalist, not the first scientist to challenge religious or mythical explanations
  6. Who is anazimander?
    Interested in cosmologist and geologists, first one to explain the world, using non religion explanations. Pre socratic
  7. Who is aristotle?
    post socratic, used natural science
  8. Who is copernicus?
    15th century astronomer and mathmatician, explained physical world in a public way
  9. what did issac newton do?
    physician, math. astron, proved the heliocentric model
  10. Who is Gailelo ?
    16th century italian astronomer, challenged biblical order of the universe.
  11. What is geocentric?
    earth is at the center of the universe, sun revolves around the earth and so do the planets
  12. What is helocentric
    The sun is at the center and everything rotates around it
  13. What did lamark do?
    proposed theory of inheritance of aquired characters, using non divine mechanisms. evolution by natural causes
  14. What is inheritance of aquired characteristics?
    • where individuals of a species change during there lifetime and passed on their transformed properties to their offspring
    • ex giraffe born with short neck and over time stretched there neck and therefore now have long necks
  15. how is a species affected by different rates of change?
    As a species evolves earlier they tend to be more complex than a lineage that takes longer to evolve
  16. Who is Lyell?
    Attempted to explain uniformitarianism? to explain how marine mammals would be found high up on mountains
  17. What is uniformitarianism?
    when slow natural processes have shaped and is still shaping the earth. explains why marine fauna are found high up on mountains. Slow action of observable phenomenom.
  18. Who is wallace?
    Proposed theory of natural selection. before darwin. noticed that animals in australia and papa new guinea looked similar.
  19. What is wallaces line?
    Show where animals change due to religion.
  20. Who is darwin?
    Made voyage on beagle in 1830. used Lyells idea of slow processes can change surface over time. Found marine fossils in the andes mountains
  21. What is descent with modification ?
    Shows common ancestors from lineages of creatures that have evolved over time
  22. Who is Malthus?
    In principles of population that sooner or later the human population growth would be limited resources thus increased mortality
  23. Adaptation
    • how well an organisms is in a particular environment
    • Blue footed booby
  24. Fitness
    dependence on how they do in their environment, would be increased fitness
  25. Natural selection
    • in nature there are too many offspring that all cannot survive.
    • frog produces millions of eggs and only certain ones live
  26. genetic variation
    Coat color of mice
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