1. What did they call Rosa Parks?
    mother of the civil rights movement
  2. What public places were segregated?
    • ice cream shops
    • water fountains
    • buses
    • etc
  3. Besides the kkk, who made the black people's lives miserable?
    • bus drivers
    • courts
    • policemen
  4. What did Rosa Parks try to teach the children in her youth group?
    Civil rights
  5. What influence did the Highlander school have on Rosa?
    She was treated equally
  6. Why didn't Rosa Parks give up her seat?
    She believes everyone was same
  7. Who bailed Rosa Parks out of jail?
    E. D. Nixon
  8. Who became the leader of the movement?

    B. Dr. Martin Luther King
  9. What charges were Rosa Parks found guilty of?
    Disturbing the peace
  10. How did people get to work when they were boycotting the buses?
    Walking, cars, bicycles
  11. What happened to the bus company?
    Almost went out of business
  12. What made the boycott successful?
    The help of the citizens, Rosa Parks, and Dr. Martin Luther King Austin said
  13. Who struck down segregation?
    The Supreme Court
  14. How long did the boycott last?
    381 days
  15. Who was driving the bus the day that Rosa Parks sat in the front seat?
    James Blake, the driver would throne Rosa Parks off the bus and got her arrested
  16. How many children were killed in the 16th St., Baptist Church bombing?
    4 girls
  17. The Supreme Court ruled in Brown versus Board of Education in what year?
  18. Who is the governor of Arkansas in 1957?
    Orville Faubus
  19. What did the governor of Arkansas do to maintain or restore peace in Little Rock?
    Sent in the National Guard
  20. How did the governor's action cause the crisis to become a constitutional issue?
    The governor was using state troops to break federal law
  21. What happened to Elizabeth Eckford on the first day of school?
    She didn't get the call to meet the other children to go to school.
  22. Who did Pres. Eisenhower sent to Little Rock to protect the children and uphold the decision of the Supreme Court?
    The paratroopers or Army
  23. What was the "chili incident?"
    Mini dropped the bowl of chili on a white students head who was tormenting her she was later expelled.
  24. Who was involved in the chili incident?
    Minnie Jean Brown and a white boy
  25. Why didn't the" Little Rock nine" need to decide whether to return to Little Rock Central high school in the fall of 1958?
    The governor closed all the high schools
  26. Why is it called the Brown versus Board of Education?
    Linda Brown's last name starts with a B so she was first on the list hence Brown versus Board of Education.
  27. What was state courts ruling? Why?
    State court agreed with Linda Brown. State court had to follow Supreme Court Supreme Court ruled against Linda Brown
  28. Brown versus Board of Education came to Supreme Court's attention they agreed with Brown how were the South's feelings?
    The South was resistant to Supreme Court's verdict.
  29. What came first Plessy versus Ferguson or Brown versus Board of Education
    Plessy versus Ferguson
  30. Why are they called " Jim Crow" laws?
    A performer by the name of Thomas " daddy" Rice blacken his face and dance while singing the lyrics to the song," jump Jim Crow"
  31. Name three of the most famous Jim Crow laws.
    Buses, drinking fountains, and education.
  32. How much African-American did Homer Plessy have?
  33. True or false homer Plessy wanted to be arrested?
  34. What was the verdict made by the Supreme Court in Homer versus Plessy case?
    Verdict was " separate but equal"
  35. True or false public areas were separate but equal.
  36. What two decades was the civil rights movement in?
    1950s and 1960s
  37. How did the children know when to me during the time of the children's Crusade?
    a. Bull Connor
    b. Ace the radio show man
    c. Minnie Jean Brown
    Ace the radio show man
  38. True false Emmett till was needed to the south.
  39. Why was Emmett till murdered?
    He was a black boy who spoke improperly to a white woman.
  40. True or false the Emitt Till case was very proper?
  41. Why was the case for E.T. Unfair?
    The jury were all white people.
  42. Were the two men accused of Emmett till's murder?
    No but they later admitted to killing Emmett till for money offered to them by a newspaper.
  43. True or false the children during the time of the children's Crusade were upset to go to jail.
    False the children were excited
  44. True or false Dr. King encouraged the children to go to jail for the cause.
    False he would not allow it(but they did anyway)
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