Clinical Trials in Neurology

  1. The study which showed that ASA was not inferior to Heparinin the secondary prevention of stroke in the setting of atrial fibrillation (acute)
    • HAEST - Heparin in Acute Embolic Stroke Trial
    • 2000

    RCT of 449 pts with AF and acute ischemic stroke comparing Dalteparin 100 IU/kg SC BID vs. ASA 160 mg QDAY

    • No difference in recurrent stroke after 14 days
    • or death at 3m
  2. The study which showed ASA was not inferior to Warfarin in the prevention of stroke
    • WARSS -
    • NEJM 2001

    2206 patients with noncardioembolic ischemic stroke randomized to Warfarin vs. ASA 325mg

    No difference in death or recurrent stroke after 2 yrs
  3. The study which showed that showed ASA was as good as and associated with a lower risk of bleeding than Warfarin in the treatment of intracranial stenogis.
    • WASID
    • NEJM 2005

    RCT of 569 patients with intracranial stenosis by angio or MRA randomized to Warfarin vs. ASA 1300mg/

    No difference + more bleeding in warfarin group
  4. The study which demonstrated that IM Midazolam was not inferior to IV Lorazepam in the acute treatment of status epilepticus
    • 2012
  5. Demonstrated a reduction in stroke risk from 2 to 1% in asymptomatic patients with >60% stenosis who underwent surgery
    ACAS - Asymptomatic Carotid Atherosclerosis Study
  6. Demonstrated the benefit of CEA over medical management in symptomatic patients with >70% stenosis with some benefit in patients with a 50 - 70% stenosis.
    NASCET - North American Symptomatic Carotid Endarterectomy Trial
  7. The study which established TPA as the standard of care
  8. The study which addressed the importance of blood pressure control in ICH
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Clinical Trials in Neurology
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