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  1. Basic Facts About the Heart
    Combining Forms: cardi/o and card/o

    Primary Function: Pumps blood into the arteries

    Examples: cardiomyopathy and carditis
  2. Basic Facts About Blood Vessels
    Combining Forms: angi/o and vas/o and vascul/o

    • Primary Function:
    • .....Transport blood to and from all areas of the body
    • Three general types:
    • .....1. Arteries
    • .....2. Capillaries
    • .....3. Veins
  3. Basic Facts About Arteries
    Combining Form: arteri/o

    Primary Function: Transport blood away from the heart to all parts of the body
  4. Basic Facts About Capillaries
    Combining Form: capill/o

    Primary Function: Permit the exchange of nutrients and waste products between the blood and the cells.
  5. Basic Facts About Veins
    Combining Forms: phelb/o and ven/o

    Primary Function: Return blood from all body parts to the heart
  6. Basic Facts About Blood
    Combining Forms: hem/o and hemat/o

    Primary Function: Brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells and carries away waste
  7. cardi/o or card/o
    Combining form meaning heart
  8. angi/o or vas/o
    Combining form meaning blood vessel
  9. vas/o or angi/o
    Combining form meaning blood vessel
  10. arteri/o
    Combining form meaning artery
  11. capill/o
    Combining form meaning capillaries
  12. phelb/o or ven/o
    Combining form meaning vein
  13. ven/o or phelb/o
    Combining form meaning vein
  14. hem/o or hemat/o
    Combining form meaning blood
  15. vascul/o
    Combining form meaning blood vessels
  16. -ac and -ic and -ar and -ary
    Suffix meaning pertaining to
  17. -ar and -ary and -ac and -ic
    Suffix meaning pertaining to
  18. -ary and -ac and -ic and -ar
    Suffix meaning pertaining to
  19. -ic and -ac and -ar and -ary
    Suffix meaning pertaining to
  20. peri-
    Prefix meaning surrounding
  21. -um and -us
    Singular noun ending
  22. -us and -um
    Singular noun ending
  23. epi-
    Prefix meaning upon, above, over
  24. my/o
    Combining form meaning muscle
  25. end/o
    Combining form meaning within
  26. inter-
    Prefix meaning between, among
  27. ventricul/o
    Combining form meaning ventricle (of heart)
  28. erythr/o
    Combining form meaning red
  29. -cyte
    Suffix meaning cell
  30. cyt/o
    Combining form meaning cell
  31. leuk/o
    Combining form meaning white
  32. lymph/o
    Combining form meaning lymph
  33. thromb/o
    Combining form meaning clot
  34. -ologist
    Suffix meaning specialist
  35. ather/o
    Combining form meaning plaque or fatty substance
  36. -sclerosis
    Suffix meaning abnormal hardening
  37. -oma
    Suffix meaning tumor
  38. -emia
    Suffix meaning blood or blood condition
  39. isch/o
    Combining form meaning to hold back
  40. -megaly
    Suffix meaning abnormal enlargement
  41. -itis
    Suffix meaning inflammation
  42. -pathy
    Suffix meaning disease
  43. valvu/o
    Combining form meaning valve
  44. brady-
    Prefix meaning slow, abnormally slow
  45. -ia
    Suffix meaning abnormal condition
  46. tachy-
    Prefix meaning fast, abnormally fast
  47. -stenosis
    Suffix meaning abnormal narrowing
  48. poly-
    Prefix meaning many
  49. coron/o
    Combining form meaning crown
  50. -osis
    Suffix meaning abnormal condition
  51. Combining form(s) meaning abnormal condition
    -ia and -osis
  52. embol/o
    Combining form meaning something inserted
  53. dys-
    Prefix meaning bad or difficult
  54. -crasia
    Suffix meaning a mixture or blending
  55. chromat/o
    Combining form meaning color
  56. -penia
    Suffix meaning deficiency
  57. hyper-
    Prefix meaning excessive
  58. lipid/o or lip/o
    Combining form meaning fat or lipid
  59. an-
    Prefix meaning without or less than
  60. a-
    Prefix meaning without
  61. plast/o or plas/o or plas/i
    Combining form meaning growth, development, formation
  62. -lytic
    Suffix meaning to destroy

    Note: Comes from same origin as -lysis
  63. -graphy
    process of recording or making a picture
  64. -gram
    Suffix meaning recording or picture
  65. echo-
    Prefix referring to ultrasound procedure
  66. electr/o
    Combining form meaning electric or electrical
  67. re-
    Prefix meaning again or repeat
  68. -ectomy
    Suffix meaning surgical removal
  69. -plasty
    Suffix meaning surgical repair
  70. aneurysm
    Means aneurysm

    • LOOK THIS UP! It's hard to believe it isn't a- or an- plus something
  71. -rrhaphy
    Suffix meaning suturing
  72. -stasis
    Suffix meaning stopping or controlling
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