HTN Crisis

  1. hypertensive urgency
    • severe elevation in BP without progressive target organ dysfunction
    • asymptomatic (may have general fatigue, malaise, etc)
    • patient unaware until normal examination
  2. Hypertensive Urgency Tx
    • adjust current therapy by increasing dose or simplifying regimen and/or
    • add short-acting ORAL therapeutic option
  3. Hypertensive Urgency Tx Goals
    • Gradual reduction in BP
    • goal = stage 1 HTN values which can be achieved over several hours/days
    • don't be too aggressive with patients that have cerebrovascular accident, MI, or ARF
  4. Pathophysiology for hypertensive crisis
    abrupt increase in vasoconstriction --> endothelial injury --> activation of coagulation necrosis --> renin-angiotensin system activation --> (+) inflammation --> volume depletion
  5. Risk factors of HTN Crisis
    • increased age
    • Black
    • Male
    • diagnosed
    • pregnancy
    • lack of primary care physician
    • non-compliance
    • illicit drugs
    • drugs
    • renal parenchymal disease
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