socail studies ks review

  1. 13th amendment
    ended slavery in us
  2. 14th amendment
    • defindes citizenship(anyone born in us)
    • declares african americans citizens
  3. 15th amendment
    gives african americans the right to vote(men)
  4. Uncle Tom's Cabin
    • a novel a woman wrote representing the terrors of the south
    • very biased
    • very contradictory
    • north reads it, south argues its all fake
    • leads to civil war
  5. Black codes
    • laws passed during reconstruction to control blacks in south
    • limits jobs, rights
  6. Exodusters
    group of blacks that move to ks, big migration
  7. Pap Singleton
    • An african american that leads the blacks to ks, starts towns
    • promotes, sells land
    • responsible for exoduster
  8. Jim Crow Laws
    • laws in north and south that leads to segregation
    • towards turn of the century
  9. General sterling Price
    • leads mine creek
    • gathers stuff along battles
  10. Mine Creek
    • civil war battle in ks between confederates and gov.
    • price leaves belongings behind to run
  11. Nicodemus
    a town in ks made by blacks
  12. essential ideas of decleration of Independence
    people have the power
  13. how can a constitiuiton be changed?
  14. How to get an amendment to be approved
    • has to win majority of congress
    • has to pass in 3/4 of the states through state legislature and conventions
  15. exoduster movement
    • free land
    • symbol for freedom
    • black codes are limiting what they can do
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