Usin the voice

  1. holler
    • v. INFORMAL
    • to shout loudly

    Mom hollered at me to come down to dinner.
  2. mumble
    • v.
    • to say something too quietly or not clearly
    • enough for someone to understand you

    • She mumbled her
    • address, so I had to ask her to say it again.
  3. murmur
    • v.
    • to say something in a soft quiet voice

    He softly murmured her name.
  4. mutter
    • v.
    • to speak in a quiet voice, especially when you are complaining about something but do not want other people to hear you

    Niko left the restaurant muttering about how bad the service was.
  5. scream
    • v.
    • to make a loud high noise with your voice, or shout something loudly because you are hurt, frightened, excited etc.

    When the truck almost hit us, Monika screamed, "Look out!"
  6. shout
    • v.
    • to say something very loudly

    The fans shouted, "Goal, goal, goal!" when the team scored.
  7. whisper
    • v.
    • to speak or say something very quietly, using your breath rather than your voice

    Julie whispered the secret to Caroline so no one else would hear.
  8. yell
    • v.
    • to shout or say something very loudly because you are angry, excited, or frightened

    I know you're angry, but please don't yell at me!
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