Psych. 5 Exam

  1. Touching a newborn's lips evokes ______reflex.
  2. In Piaget's theory, when a child demonstrates conservation, he or she:
    recognizes that two equal quantities remain equal, even if the appearance of one is changed, as long as nothing is added or subtracted.
  3. When you put your finger on your newborn nephew's palm, he curls his own fingers around yours, grasping your finger tightly. You have triggered what sort of behavior?
    The grasping reflex
  4. According to the latest findings from the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium, the human genome consists of about ______ genes.
    20,000 to 25,000
  5. The term ______ refers to the stage in which an individual reaches sexual maturity and becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction.
  6. Mark was upset because he only got half a sandwich while his older sister got two halves of a sandwich. After his mother cut his sandwich into two pieces, Mark was perfectly happy. Mark is probably in the_____ stage of cognitive development.
  7. The term genotype refers to:
    the genetic makeup of an organism
  8. The term used by psychologists to describe and measure the emotional bond between infant and his or her caregiver is called:
  9. Janeen touches her newborn's cheek. Her baby turns toward Janeen's hand and opens her mouth. Janeen has triggered which reflex?
    the rooting reflex
  10. In Freud's psychoanalytic theory, the disguished, symbolic meaning of dreams is called the:
    latent content
  11. On a rainy afternoon, 5-year old Nathan had great fun building a pirate ship using the cushions from the couch and several kitchen chairs. Nathan's imaginary play reflects his capacity for ______, which is a characteristic of the _____ stage of cognitive development.
    symbolic thought; preoperational
  12. Which of the following theorists is NOT a neo-Freudian?
    Carl Rogers

    examples of neo-Freudian- Alfred Alder, Karen Horney, Carl Jung
  13. According to Freud's theory, the Oedipus complex:
    is the child's unconscious sexual desire for the opposite-sex parent.
  14. Spencer has always considered himself to be an honest person. So when he walked into the empty classroom and found a wallet that contained
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