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  1. 1 mol (at STP) = ? L
    22.4 L = 1 mol of gas
  2. (PV=nRT) What is the value of R?
  3. pH equivalents
    • 1e-8 = 8pH
    • 1e-6 = 6pH
    • 1e-11 = 11pH
  4. Determining ionic character
    The compound with the greatest difference in electronegativities between the metal and nonmetal has the most ionic character. Electronegativities tend to decrease down a group of the periodic table.
  5. Precession definition
    Precession is the spin of protons, electrons, and neutrons in an atom. For a nonzero precession in the nucleus of an atom, you have to have an uneven number of nucleons.
  6. Determining moles of a substance
    Image Upload 1= moles
  7. Determining number of ions
    moles x Avogadro (6.02e23) = # ions
  8. Litmus paper color changes
    • Red Image Upload 2Blue in base
    • BlueImage Upload 3Red in acid

    No color change either means it is in the opposite solution, or that the solution is neutral.
  9. What cells in the body do not contain DNA?
    Erythrocytes (RBCs)
  10. Difference between nucleotide and nucleoside:
    Nucleotides have phosphate groups and nucleosides do not.
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