1. Family as Context
    focuses on the assessment and care of an individual client
  2. Family as Client
    Focuses on the assessment of all family members
  3. Family as System
    focus is o nthe familya s client, and the family is viewed as an interactional system in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts
  4. Family as Component of Society
    the family is viewed as one of many institutions in society, similar to health, educational, religious, or economic institutions
  5. Family Assessment
    -What is the goal
    • to provide adequate family care and support and also to help families adjust to acute and chronic illness.
    • The focus of family assessment is less on the individual and more on the interaction among all of the individuals within the family
  6. CFAM- categories
    • Structural
    • Functional
    • Developmental
  7. CFAM structural family assessment
    Internal structure
    - family composition
    - gender
    - sexual orientation
    - rank order
    - subsystems
    - boundaries
    • - family composition = who forms the family
    • - gender = is the set of beliefs about or expectations of male or female behaviour and experience
    • - rank order = order of children by age and gender
    • - subsystems = smaller groups of relationships within a family
    • - boundaries = define family subsystems and distinguish one system from another
  8. CFAM - structural family assessment
    External structure (the connections that family members have to those outside the family)
    - Extended family
    - Larger systeem
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