1. aubert park
    drayton park/ highbury park
  2. highbury vale police station
    blackstock road
  3. small and beautiful restaurant
    blackstock road (below brownswood road)
  4. islington tap pub
    theburton st/ liverpool road
  5. clock end bridge (the danny fiszman bridge)
    drayton park
  6. bannana tree rest ec1
    st john street -sdol s bound near jamies italian
  7. regent pub
    liverpool road -sdol past theburton st/ gibson sq
  8. portal restaurant
    st john st- sdor n bound before old st/ clerkenwell road
  9. the larder restaurant
    st john st- sdol n bound before old st/ clerkenwell road
  10. club gascon restaurant
    west smithfield -west of s.o.s -2 way part
  11. viaduct tavern
    newgate streeet- conrner of giltspur street
  12. dyers hall
    dowgate hill
  13. mellon financial centre
    queen victoria street/ times sq -just left of puddle dock/ lol can r puddle dock
  14. blackfriars station
    new bridge st- lol only can spin back or embankment
  15. old royal free square
    old royal free place/ liverpool road
  16. bar 242
    blackfriars road - on corner of southwark street
  17. electorial reform society
    chancel street -in/ out use nicholson street off blackfriars road
  18. gibson, dunn+ crutcher
    telephone house, temple avenue -sdol going down -2 way part
  19. telephone house
    temple avenue -sdol going down -2 way part
  20. senate house
    malet street -opposite keppel street
  21. senator house
    queen victoria street - bang opposite friday street -use garlic hill, gt trinity lane to sdol
  22. tempio restaurant
    temple avenue -sdor going down -2 way part
  23. queensland house
    strand - left out bedford st sdol before exeter st
  24. stanley gibbons
    strand - left out bedford st sdol before exeter st
  25. vauderville theatre
    strand - left out bedford st sdol before exeter st
  26. clements inn
    strand -past aldwych gate before royal courts of justice, lol only
  27. clements house
    strand, sdol just past aldwych -can get from melbourne place
  28. johnstons bar and brasserie
    burleigh street - sdol in from strand, can lol l exter st need be
  29. temple chambers
    temple avenue- sdor down. 2 way part
  30. freshfields
    whitefriars street/ strand
  31. henrys bar
    henrietta street
  32. molly moggs pub
    old compton st/ charing cross road
  33. pillar of hercules pub
    greek street / can get thru manette st
  34. broadwick street
    wardour st/ carnaby street
  35. red devil bar
    wardour street -sdol just past noel st, f only into berners st
  36. assagetti bar
    haymarket/ charles II street
  37. the trafalgar hotel + rockwell bar
    cockspur street/ spring gardens
  38. british council
    spring gardnes
  39. st. moritz club
    wardour street- sdol. lol 1st left noel steet
  40. covent garden grill
    henrietta street
  41. z cafe
    wardour street sdor - 1 way part
  42. sofitel st jamess hotel
    waterloo place - lor only can get left charles II st into st jamess sq need be
  43. norfolk house
    st jamess square
  44. institute of directors
    pall mall -can just get if u right out of haymarket
  45. @ avenue restaurant
    pall mall sdol going southbound
  46. army and navy club
    pall mall/ st jamess square
  47. naval and military club
    st jamess sq - the 'in and out' club
  48. windsor house
    victoria street -hq for tfl. -left out buckingham gate and sdol
  49. st jamess hotel
    park place -in from st jamess street, sdol
  50. overseas house
    park place- facing in from st jamess street
  51. cleopatras needle
    victoria embankment - use savoy pl/ hill/st to t/a
  52. hispaniola boat
    victoria embankment, sdol- lol down only to bridge st
  53. tattershall castle
    victoria embankment, sdol- lol down only to bridge st
  54. rolls royce building
    buckingham gate, opposite korea embassy
  55. caxton hall
    caxton street, sdor- in from broadway, forced out onto buckingham gate
  56. rolls building
    fetter lane -h.m courts + tribunals services
  57. thavies inn
    in from bartlett court/ new fetter lane
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