history 12:4

  1. archipelago
    chain of islands
  2. Inland Sea
    link among Japanese islands
  3. Ring of Fire
    chain of volcanoes that encircle Pacific Ocean
  4. tsunamis
    waves launched by underwater earthquakes
  5. Ainu
    earlier inhabitants of Japan pushed N to Hokkaido
  6. uji
  7. Yamato
    • clan who dominated Honshu
    • became heartland of Japanese gov
    • set up Japan's 1st and only dynasty
  8. Amaterasu
    sun goddess
  9. Kami
    superior powers that are natural or divine
  10. Shinto
    • "way of Kami"
    • worship of forces of nature
  11. Prince Shotoku
    leader of Yamato who sent nobles to study China
  12. "Heavenly Emperor"
    Japanese rulers adopted this title and claimed absolute power
  13. Nara
    new capital modled on Tang capital Chang'an where Chinese traditions were shown
  14. selective borrowing
    keeping some customs but disgarding and modifying others
  15. kana
    phonetic symbols representing syllables
  16. Henian
    • imperial capital during blending of cultures
    • present day Kyoto
  17. Murasaki Shikibu
    best known Heian writier
  18. The Tale of Genji
    world's 1st full length novel
  19. shogun
    supreme military commander
  20. Minamoto Yoritomo
    1192 shogun who set up 1st of 3 military dynasties
  21. Kamakura shogunate
    1st of 3 military states
  22. daimyo
    great warrior lords who are given land in exchange for supporting the shogun with armies
  23. samurai
    • "those who serve"
    • fighting aristocracy of war-torn land
  24. bushido
    • "way of the warrior"
    • code empasizing honor, bravery, and loyalty
  25. peasants
    • 75% of pop
    • backbone of feudal society
  26. Kamikaze
    divine winds
  27. Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    • commoner by birth
    • gerneral who brought most of Japan to his control
  28. Tokugawa Ieyasu
    daimyo who defeated Rivals to become master of Japan
  29. centralized feudalism
    maintain outward forms of feudal society but imposed central gov control on Japan
  30. Edo
    shogun's capital that daimos had to live every other year
  31. zen
    Buddhism sect emphasizing self-reliance, meditation, and devotion to duty
  32. stressed
  33. Noh
    plays performed on square wooden stages without scenery
  34. Kabuki
    1600s comedy or melodrama
  35. bunraku
    puppet plays for middle class
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