Ibus Chap12

  1. Strategic Alliances?
    Voluntary agreements between firms involving exchange, sharingm or co-developing of products, technologies, or services.
  2. Contractual Alliances?
    Alliances that are based on contractsand that do not involve the sharing of equity.
  3. Equity Based Alliances?
    Alliances that involve the use of equity.
  4. Strategic Investment?
    One firm invests in another as a strategic investor.
  5. Cross-shareholding?
    Both firms invest in each other to become cross-shareholders.
  6. Acquisition?
    The transfer of control of operations and mnagement from one firm (target) to another (acquirer), the former becoming a unit of the latter.
  7. Merger?
    The combination of operations and management of two firms to establish a new legal entity.
  8. Real Option?
    An investment in real operations as opposed to financial capital.
  9. Learning Race?
    A situation in which partners aim to outrun each other by learing the tricks from the other side as fast as possible.
  10. Relational Capability?
    Capability to succesfully manage interfirm relationships.
  11. Acquisition Premium?
    The difference between the acquisition price and the market value of target firms.
  12. Strategic Fit?
    the effective matching of complimentary strategic capabilities.
  13. Organizational Fit?
    the similarity in cultures, systems, and structures.
  14. Learning by Doing?
    An effective way to learn complex tasks.
  15. Hubris?
    A manager's overconfidence in his or her capabilities.
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