skeleton vocab

  1. appendicular
    bones of the limbs and limb girdles that are attached to the axial skeleton
  2. poriostem
    double layered connective tissue that covers and nourishes the bone
  3. red bone marrow
    marrow that produces blood
  4. epiphysis
    ends of the long bones
  5. synovial fluid
    fluid secreted by the synovial membrance that lubricates joint surfaces and nourishes articular cartilages
  6. cranium
    pertaining to the skull
  7. osteoblast
    bone-forming cells
  8. suture
    inter-locking immovable joints
  9. axial
    axial skeleton are the bones of the skull, verterbral column, thorax, and sternum
  10. spongy bone
    bone composed of small needle-like pieces of bone and lots of open space
  11. sharpey's
    connective fibers that secure the periosteum to the underlying bone
  12. yellow bone marrow
    marrow that stores fat
  13. sinuses
    cavity within the bone filled with air and lines with mucous membrane
  14. osteoclasts
    giant bone-destroying cells in bones that break down bone matric and release calcium ions into the blood
  15. osteocytes
    mature bone cells found in tiny cavities within the matrix
  16. medullary cavity
    the primary storage area for adipose tissue in the center of the bone
  17. compact bone
    dense and looks smooths. homogeneous
  18. foramen
    round/oval opening through the bone
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