Chap 13 CNS

  1. meninges
    • inner covering of membranes
    • three layers: dura, arachnoid, pia mater
  2. falx cerebri
    partition bw/ two cerebral hemishperes; extends from roof of cranial cavity
  3. falx cerebelli
    separates two 1/2s or hemispheres of cerebellum
  4. tentorium cerebelli
    separates cerebeullum from cerebrum; forms tent like covering over cerebellum
  5. epidural space
    • immediatly outside dura matter but inside covering of spinal cord
    • cushion of fat and other connective tissues
    • no epidural space present in brain for periosteum continuous on inside face of cranial bones
  6. subdural space
    • b/w dura matter and arachnoid matter
    • small amt of lubricating serous fluid
  7. subarachnoid space
    • under arachnoid and outside pia mattter
    • has significant amt of cerebrospinal fluid
  8. filum terminale
    • formation of pia mater
    • third segement of sacrum blends w/dura mater to form cord that disappers in periosteum of coccyx
  9. cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
    • protective covering around organs and w/in them
    • resevior of cirulating fluid that brain monitors for changes in internal enviorment
  10. ventricles
    four large fluid filled spaces containing CSF
  11. chorioid plexuses
    • networks of capillaries that project from pia matter into lat ventricles and into roof of third and fourth ventricles
    • covered w/ependymal cells that release CSF into spaces
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