BAS Ch.1 Vocab

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  1. Sender
    originates communication

    ideas, thoughts, feeling, and intentions that begin the process
  2. Encoding
    sender changes and idea-thought-feeling into and understandable symbol
  3. Symbols
    verbal and nonverbal expressions or actions that have meaning
  4. Message
    set of structured symbols
  5. Channel
    means of transporting the message
  6. Receiver
    the destination, goal of communication
  7. Feedback
    verbal or nonverbal response
  8. Setting
    occasion, environment, space, and time
  9. Noise
    distraction or distortion to communication
  10. Internal Noise
    interference or disruption to communication to that occurs within the sender or receiver
  11. External Noise
    interference that can be perceived by the senses in the speech setting
  12. Semantic Noise
    communication barriers due to differences in culture, environment, language, pronunciation, values, or experiences
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