MedChem quiz4

  1. antiepileptic that precipitates out of dextrose solution
  2. antifungal that precipitates out of saline solution
  3. what kind of pain relievers and antibiotics for precipitates?
    opitates and beta-lactams
  4. "red flag drug" that treats osteoporosis
    alendronate - Fosamax
  5. "red flag drug" that treats hyperlipidemia
    cholestyramine OR colestipol
  6. "red flag drug" that is an anticonvulsant
    carbamazepine - Tegretol
  7. "red flag drug" that treats GERD (x2)
    • cimetidine - Tagamet
    • cisapride - Propulsid
  8. "red flag drug" that is an immunosuppressant
    cyclosporin -Neoral
  9. "red flag drug" that treats CHF
    digoxin - Lanoxin
  10. "red flag drug" that treats TB (x2)
    • isoniazid - Laniazid
    • rifampin -Rifadin
  11. "red flag drug" that is an antifungal
    itraconazole - Sporanox
  12. "red flag drug" that treats manic-depressive illness
    lithium - Eskalith
  13. "red flag drug" class that are antibiotics
    • macrolides (ie. erythromycin)
    • quinolones (ie. nalidixic acid)
  14. "red flag drug" that treats depression
    • (MAOIs)
    • tranylcypromine - Parnate
  15. "red flag drug" that is an anticonvulsant and sedative hypnotic
    phenobarbitol - Solfoton
  16. "red flag drug" that is an anticonvulsant
    phenytoin - Dilantin
  17. "red flag drugS" that treat HIV/AIDS
    • protease inhibitors (ie. indinavir)
    • non-nucleoside rev. transcriptase inhibitors (ie. nevirapine)
    • reverse transcriptase inhibitors (ie. )
  18. "red flag drug" class that treats UTIs
    quinolones - nalidixic acid
  19. "red flag drug" class that treats hyperlipidemia
    statins (ie. atorvastatin)
  20. "red flag HERBAL" that treats depression
    St. John's wort
  21. "red flag drug" that treats ulcers
    sucralfate - Carafate
  22. "red flag drug" that treats asthma
    theophilline -Theoair
  23. "red flag drug" that is an anticoagulant
    warfarin - Coumadin
  24. ___________ is an inhibitor of p-glycoprotein often used with anticancer drugs
  25. name one drug and one herbal product that induces p-glycoprotein
    rifampin / St.John's wort
  26. What are some substrates for p-glycoprotein?
    digoxin; fexofenadine; vincrisine; indinavir; colchicine; topotecan; paclitaxel; loperamide
  27. what are some substrates of the organic cation transporter?
    cimetidine; methotrexate; zidovudine
  28. what are some inhibitors of the organic cation transporter?
    probenecid; cefadroxil; cefamandole; cefazolin
  29. ________ is coadministered with beta-lactams in order to prevent them from being pumped out of cells
  30. Statins are also known as what?
    HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
  31. Which statins use the CYP3A4 pathway?
    atorvastain; simvastatin; lovastatin
  32. What statin uses the CYP2C9 pathway?
  33. What statin is metabolized via sulfation?
  34. What statin used both the CYP 2C8 and 3A4 pathways?
  35. Why is grapefruit juice a problem?
    the flavinoids present in the juice inhibit both p-glycoprotein and CYP3A4
  36. which warfarin stereoisomer uses the CYP2C9 pathway?
  37. Which warfarin stereoisomer uses both the CYP1A2 and 3A4 pathways?
  38. What is the MOA of warfarin?
    decreased synthesis of normal clotting factors by inhibiting gamma-carboxylation by vitK reductase
  39. What stereoisomer of warfarin does Bactrim inhibit?
  40. What stereoisomer of warfarin does Flagyl inhibit?
  41. What stereoisomer of warfarin does amiodarone inhibit?
    S and R
  42. What stereoisomer of warfarin does cimetidine inhibit?
  43. What stereoisomer of warfarin does Prilosec inhibit?
  44. what does cyclosporine treat?
    acute transplant rejection
  45. What 4 drugs should be avoided with warfarin?
    ASA; NSAIDs: APAP; azoles
  46. what 2 statins are okay for use with grapefruit juice?
    pravastatin and fluvistatin
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