1. How should a letter of an official or legal nature be sent when there is a need to expedite it?
    By fax or email
  2. Define the ergonomics
    Science and technology that seek to fit the anatomical and physical needs of the worker to the workplace
  3. Why would a computerized medical office have a type writer?
    • Because it consist of:
    • • Pica (10 point) type style
    • • Elite (12 point) type style
    • • Used for form completion
  4. When keying a letter on a computer, what type of software would you use?
    Word processing
  5. List 3 flaws that would make a letter unmailable
    • 1. Mispelled words
    • 2. Grammatical error
    • 3. Unbalance margins
  6. Which style is the least personal of the various letter formats?
    Simplified style
  7. Which 2 punctuation styles are most common used? Briefly describe each.
    • 1. OPEN PUNCTUATION- no punctuation mark is used after the salutation or complimentary close.
    • 2. MIXED PUNCTUATION- a colon or a comma is used after the salutation and complimentary close.
  8. What are the typical default settings for right and left margins?
    • a.)1" or 1.25" (ideal for long letters)
    • b.)2" for side margins for short letters
  9. Name 3 devices you could use to arouse the reader's interest in the first paragraph of a letter you are writing for the physician.
    • 1. positive in tone
    • 2. deal immediately w/ the subject matter in a friendly and courteous manner
    • 3. It should include a personal comment and an expression of interest in the patients health problem
  10. Expalin the following text- editing features of electronic word- processers.
    1.Directional keys- move the cursor up, down, left and right

    2.Function keys- perform tabulation, delete, and search operations

    3.Memory functions- store spelling word list and frequently used phrases

    4.tool features- flag mispelled words and misused phrases during the keying or scanning of a document; provide word corrections and synonyms

    5.Edit features- search for a page number, a word, or a phrase in the text and allow optional replacement.

    6.Printing feature- prints multiple copies of a standard letter and can merge letters w/ a list of names and addresses

    7.Format functions- direct the placement of information of info. in the the document. allignment of columns, use boldface, italize, underline, cut and paste features, insert and remove punctuation and hyphenate words that go beyond the right margin
  11. When checking for layout or format prior to printing, what software program option would you use to view an entire page of a document?
    Print preview
  12. Transcription needs in the physician's office will be based on the following factors:
    • 1. medical specialty
    • 2.size of practice
    • 3. amount of consultation work
    • 4. involvement in a medical and community affairs
  13. What procedure should be followed when the transcriptionist cannot understand a word or phrase of a physician's dictation?
    "Flagging" he or she should leave a blank space and write the physician a note indicating the pg. # and the line of the missing or indistinct info.
  14. List 5 ways ti increase the productivity of photocopy machines
    • 1. substitute lighter- weight paper
    • 2. open another ream of paper
    • 3. check storage conditions
    • 4. turn off machine immediately
    • 5. check static eliminator
  15. Below are 3 methods the physician may use to craete letters. Briefly describe the physician's and the medical trancriber's role when using these methods
    1. Dictation equipment: transcriber uses template as a guide and the physician check it off

    2. Voice activated software: Physician verbally order the record to be electronically signed when completed and trancriber corrects the doc. using sound equipment

    3. Remote device (PDA)- Save physician time and offer access to clinical info. allows the recording of dictation in real time.
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