Lab practical 2

  1. What is magnification?
    the number of times larger than itself an object appears to be.
  2. What is resolution?
    the ability to distinguish two objects as seperate entities
  3. What is a stage aperture?
    the opening in the center of the stage
  4. What is a condenser?
    series of lenses that focus light
  5. What is the function of the iris diaphram?
    to control the amount of light
  6. Function: Rough ER
    synthesize and sort proteins
  7. Function: Ribosomes
    Synthesis of proteins
  8. Function: Golgi apparatus
    *Processes and sorts secreted/membrane-inserted proteins from RER

    *Forms Lysosomes
  9. Function: Mitochondria
    Principal site of ATP synthesis-the "power plant"
  10. Function: Lysosomes
    Degrades damaged/old organelles and foreign bodies found within the cell
  11. What is the integumentary system composed of?
    Skin and its accessory structures -hair, glands, and nails
  12. What is the largest organ in the body?
  13. what are the two layers that skin is composed of?
    epidermis and dermis
  14. what is the tissue underneath the dermis?
    hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue
  15. what does the hypodermis do?
    connects the skin to the underlying tissue
  16. the hypodermis is considered to be a part of the integument.
    True or False?
  17. What are the 5 layers of the skin from deepest to most superficial?
    • -stratum basale (germinitivum)
    • -stratum spinosa
    • -stratum granulosum
    • -stratum lucidum
    • -stratum corneum
  18. what are the layers of the dermis?
    • -papillary
    • -reticular
  19. membranes are a combo of what two tissues?
    epithelial and connective
  20. what is the function of membranes in the body?
    they cover and ptotect other structures and tissues
  21. how many types of membrane are in the body?
    • mucous
    • serous
    • cutaneous
    • synovial
  22. what do you find mucous membrane?
    lining the digestive and respiratory tracts
  23. where are serous membranes found in the body?
    lining the ventral body cavities.
  24. what are the layers of the serous membranes?
    parietal and visceral
  25. where do you find the cutaneous membrane?
    outside...its the skin
  26. where are the synovial membranes found?
    linging joint cavities
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