1. What is a single motor neurone called when it joins together with all muscle fibres?
    Motor unit
  2. What does the nurvous system control?
    Muscles (And any other tissue)
  3. What does a neuromuscular junction consist of?
    Axon terminal of a motor neuron and the motor end plate of a muscle fibres.
  4. The area between the axon terminal and the sarcolemma is called the...
    Synaptic cleft
  5. With the nervous system there is a tiny gab which nerve impulses pass from one neuron to the next, this is called a...
  6. Muscles contract and relax as a result of three different types of filaments? Yes or No?
    NO! There is two different types of filaments, these are called thick filaments and thin filaments.
  7. One neuron is call a nerve cell. Yes or No?
    Yes, that is true. Well done.
  8. Each muscles spindle is made up from three to five specialised muscle cells. Yes or No?
  9. Muscle spindles are sensorimotor organs located within the skeletal muscle. Yes or No?
  10. Stimulation of the one neurone of a motor unit does not results in in the motor unit. Yes or No?
    No. This does result in simulatneous contraction of all the muscle cells .
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