Korean Vocab L9-17 Expanded(1)

  1. 솜씨
  2. 말 솜씨
    speaking skill
  3. 으뜸
    the first; the top; the best
  4. 솔직하다
    to be honest;frank;candid;straightforward 率直
  5. 매달리다
    be suspended from; hang down from
  6. 오래 가다
    last [keep] a long time;
  7. 감정
    feelings; (an) emotion; (a) sentiment 感情
  8. 영혼
  9. 그대로
    as it is [stands]; intact; untouched; as things stand; like that; thus; that way
  10. 열다
    to open; unlock
  11. 닫다
  12. 쌍둥이/쌍동이
    twins 雙
  13. 병원
  14. 대기실
    waiting room
  15. 이루다
    to accomplish;achieve;effect;attain
  16. 이루어 지다
    become accomplished/achieved/realized/attained
  17. 연결되다
    be connected 連結
  18. 욕망
    欲望 a desire;craving;ambition
  19. 시간
  20. 공간
    space ; room
  21. 젊음
  22. 늙음
    to be old
  23. 이해하다
    to understand;comprehend;apprehend;grasp 理解
  24. 오해하다
    to misunderstand; have misunderstanding 誤解
  25. 부족하다
    to be insufficient 不足
  26. 준비하다
    to prepare
  27. 준비해오다
    to come prepared
  28. 진짜
    a genuine articel; the real stuff 真
  29. 가짜
    fake 假
  30. 만지다
    touch; feel; handle
  31. 관심을 갖다
    to be interested in; be concerned about
  32. 대화하다
    to communicate with; talk with 對話
  33. 맞다
    to be right; be correct
  34. 틀리다
    to be wrong; be mistaken
  35. 그림자
  36. 관찰하다
    to observe carefully 觀察
  37. 관람하다
    to see; view; watch 觀覽
  38. 깍다
    to cut; to shave off
  39. 삶다
    to cook; to boil
  40. 끓이다
    to boil; heat
  41. 굽다
    to roast/broil
  42. 튀기다
    to fry
  43. 자르다
    to cut
  44. 익히다
    to cook
  45. 순간
    an instant; a second; a moment 瞬間
  46. 느낌
    feeling; a sense
  47. 전체적
    totally; entirely 全體
  48. 참가하다
    to participate in 參加
  49. 비밀
  50. 표현하다
    to express; give expression 表現
  51. 부적당하다
    to be unsuitable; unfit; inappropriate 不適當
  52. 가르치다
    to teach;instruct;give lessons
  53. 교훈
    教訓 the teaching; instruction; a lesson
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Korean Vocab L9-17 Expanded(1)
Korean Vocab L9-17 Expanded(1)