HSE Case

  1. When an auditor asks you a question, what is the proper way to respond?
    Truthfully if you know. If you don't know the answer, tell the auditor and direct him to a supervisor or other colleague who may know the answer.
  2. How are action items tracked through to closure?
    • -We have an electronic system-Fountain/IMPACT
    • -Best way to find it is through the EPW HSE Portal
  3. Name 2 Sustainable Development Principles
    • -Respect & Safeguard People
    • -Benefit Communities
    • -Work with Stakeholders
    • -Protect the Environment
    • -Manage Resources
    • -Generate Robust Profitability
    • -Deliver Valuse to Customers
  4. State one role you play in each element of the HSE MS
    • -Leadership & Commitment
    • -Policy & Strategic Objectives
    • -Organization, Responsibilities, Resources, Standards & Documentation
    • -Hazards & Effects Management
    • -Planning & Procedures
    • -Implementation & Monitoring
    • -Audit
    • -Review
  5. What does Sustainable Development mean to you?
    It means that we consider the social, environmental & economic impacts of our activities in our decision-making
  6. Where are training records kept?
    Train DB
  7. Name 3 ISO 14001 requirements of SEPCo's HSE Policy
    • -Obey the law
    • -Prevent pollution
    • -Continuously improve
  8. The break point where the cost exceeds the benefit of further risk reduction
    ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practical)
  9. Why does EPW maintain ISO 14001 Certification?
    To show our customers, competitors, partners & the public that we are committed to environmental excellence
  10. Name 3 major E-aspects
    • -Venting/flaring
    • -Spills
    • -Oil under pressure
    • -Gas under pressure
    • -Produced water
  11. Simply define asset integrity program
    • -Design & build to spec
    • -Operate & maintain to spec
    • -Performance standards
    • -Measurement/audits
    • -Scorecard progress
  12. Name 3 Leadership HSE Roles
    • -Set policy & approve resources
    • -Establish objectives, targets & plans
    • -Focus resources at highest risks
    • -Maintain framework for control (HSE MS)
    • -Sponsor new opportunities
    • -Internal HSE Audit committee
    • -Measure & review performance
  13. Refer to the risk matrix-When are HSE cases required?
    When risks are at a consequence level 5 or red zone
  14. There are 7 Contractor HSE Projects that Shell, BP & Cheveron TX are working to Standardize--Name 3 of them
    • -BBSM
    • -Stop Work
    • -JSA
    • -SSE
    • -HUET
    • -SafeGulf
    • -Helicopter Safe Landing
  15. How can my Case be used?
    • -Focus work activities
    • -Onboarding new personnel
    • -Managing introduction of Hazards
    • -Incident Investigations
    • -Documentation of Process Hazard Analysis
    • -Organizations change assessment
    • -Audits and reviews
  16. Who decided the content of our HSE MS & Cases?
    • -Over half of the operating staff (including contractors) participate in:
    • -bowtie development
    • -ALARP workshops
    • -asset integrity improvements
    • -and in improving standards & procedures
  17. Discuss the types of audits you are aware of
    • -External
    • -Internal
    • -Local
  18. Where can I find ISO 14001 information-name one
    • -HSE Protal-ISO awareness tool
    • -Environmental Staff
    • -HSE Tech
    • -Playing Cards
  19. Name a few fundamentals to our CSMP
    • -Stoplight
    • -Pre-qualification
    • -SSE process
    • -Proper orientation
    • -Handbook
    • -Performance Assessment
    • -Attachment B
  20. Name 3 key barriers or control areas
    • -Asset integrity work (design & build to spec, operate/maintain to spec)
    • -My personal competence
    • -Standards & procedures
    • -Emergency response
    • -Auditing
    • -Most answers are correct
  21. What do you do in an emergency?
    • -Report it
    • -Follow the various emergency response plans which have been practiced during "drills"
  22. List 3 major hazards
    • -Crude oil under pressure
    • -Hydrocarbons in formation
    • -Condensate
    • -Hydrocarbon Gas
    • -Crude oil at low pressure
    • -Personnel at height>6 ft.
    • -Overhead equipment
    • -Boat Collision
    • -Weather (hurricane)
    • -Sea States
    • -Loss of stability
  23. How can you be sure that regulatory requirements are known and managed?
    • -The (ECM) environmental compliance manual addresses these & is followed
    • -We conduct frequent audits to verify & improve compliance
  24. T or F
    HSE critical documents and systems are specifically identified in the HSE case
  25. Name 2 tools used to monitor HSE performance
    • -Scorecards
    • -Flash Reports
    • -Incident management
    • -Audits
    • -Management reviews
  26. T or F
    Contractors may use their own JSA, Stop Work and BBSM processes for their own work
  27. Name 3 important health hazards
    • -Food Hygiene
    • -My personal wellness
    • -Tobacco smoke
    • -Chemicals (HAZCOM)
    • -Noise
    • -UV radiation
    • -Personal ergonomics
  28. What can I do to reduce stress, lower risk of heart disease, have more energy, and in general improve my Health & Wellness?
    • -Eat more fruits/vegetables
    • -Stop smoking/tobacco use
    • -Participate in Wellness program
    • -Exercise most days
    • -Balance my diet
    • -Know my BP & Cholesterol #s
  29. Name 3 ctitical improvement areas defined in the HSE Plan
    • -Spills, incidents, compliance
    • -Best Practice Bow-ties
    • -Maintain ISO certification
    • -Local audit programs
    • -Reduce gas leaks
    • -Reduce fire incidents
    • -Cranes & Lifting
    • -Stop work intervention
    • -Helicopter Safety
  30. Name an important observation & feedback tool used in operations
    BBSM-Behavior is fundamental to improvement
  31. Name the Well's Stop Work Authority Program and what the acroonym stands for
    HEROS-Helping Every Rig Operate Safely
  32. Name 3 people I call for HSE help
    • -My supervisor
    • -Operating staff
    • -My HSE Tech
    • -Engineering
    • -HSE document custodian
    • -HSE staff
    • -Contractors
  33. Which group has the role to assess Contractor HSE performance and assist in improvement activities?
    The CSMP Team
  34. What documents are used to clarify HSE roles, responsibilities and agreements between Shell and other parties
    Bridging documents
  35. What is ISO 14001?
    ISO 14001 is the most commonly used standard to certify the environmenal part of a company's HSE management system.
  36. Who are the groups that are fundamental to HSE communication and improvement?
    Our HSE Networks and Committees
  37. T or F
    Our HSE Policy is designed to protect employees and contractors
  38. What is our program for Maturing our HSE Culture?
    Winning Hearts & Minds
  39. T or F
    EPW is working toward one ISO 14001 Registration for all EPW OPCOs
  40. ISO uses the phrase "Operational Control" for managing E-aspects. What term does SEPCo more commonly use?
    • -Barriers
    • -Controls, or
    • -Recovery measures
  41. Define a High Potential Incident & the significance of the term
    • -An incident where the potential consequence is at level 4,5 or E3...
    • -HPIs are investigated with more resources and focus
  42. Why do we have IMPACT/Fountain and who can I contact for help?
    • -IMPACT captures incident information for learning and prevention.
    • -My contacts are an HSE Tech, Gatekeeper & EPW HSE
  43. Theh following are included in what document?
    • -The list of your major hazards
    • -Barriers & recovery measures to manage these hazards
    • -Asset integrity activities
    • -Critical activities
    • -Remedial action plans
  44. Name 3 key themes in the HSE Policy
    • -No harm to people
    • -Protect the environment
    • -Use material & energy efficiently
    • -Report performance publicly
    • -Systematic approach to HSE
    • -Obey the law
    • -Continuously Improve
    • -Contractor alignment
    • -Influence JVs
    • -Stop work when necessary
    • -Appraise and reward staff for HSE
  45. Name 2 parts of your HSE Case
    • -Part 1-Introduction
    • -Part 2-HSE Management System
    • -Part 3-HSE Critical Activities
    • -Part 4-Facility Description
    • -Part 5-Hazards and Effects Management
    • -Part 6-Remedial Action Plan
    • -Part 7-Conclusions
  46. What is an E-aspect?
    Simply, an environmental risk
  47. Name 3 places you can find your HSE Responsibilities
    • -HSE MS
    • -SAP call-ups
    • -Goals
    • -Work Permits
    • -JSAs
    • -HSE Case critical activity sheets
    • -Contractor handbook
    • -Other procedures
  48. If an external person inquires about a Shell mattter-What is the proper response?
    • -Use judgment and answer if not threatening
    • -Seek help from a supervisor or Public Affairs
  49. How are objectives and targets tracked? And where is a copy?
    • -Scorecards
    • -Flash Reports
    • -Bulletin Board
    • -KPIs
  50. The tool for deciding which hazards have the greatest risk to people, assets, environment & reputation
    Risk Asssessment Matrix
  51. Name 2 keys to proper document control
    • -Documents are available
    • -Latest version is used
    • -We have a document custodian
    • -No out of date documents
    • -Periodic review and revision
  52. Tool for identifying control and recovery measures
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