New zealand

  1. How far and in what direction is Australia from New Zealand?
  2. How many islands are there in the Bay of Islands?
    over 150
  3. In Russell in the early 1800’s there were over _____ grog shops.
  4. What is a grog shop?
  5. What is the name of the indigenous people?
  6. Where the “Cream Trip” get its name?
    A ferry servicing remote farms
  7. The bay of Islands has a rock with a hole and boats travel through it. Canada has a rock with a hole. What is the name?
  8. When was the Waitangi Treaty signed?
  9. Who signed the treaty?
    White settlers and maori chiefs
  10. 90 mile beach is listed as an official _______?
  11. Legend states that Maori souls depart for heaven from where?
    Spirits bay
  12. How high is the tree “Tane Mahuta”?
  13. How old is this tree?
  14. Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city. true or false?
  15. What is Auckland’s title? City of Sails.
    City of sails
  16. On what side of the road do New Zealanders drive?
  17. Why are some of the extinct volcanoes of Auckland terraced?
    Defences made by maori
  18. What is the national sport?
    Rugby football
  19. What is the name of the NZ team?
    All blacks
  20. The Glow-Worm Cave has stalagmites and stalactites. Which goes where?
    Stalactites on top
  21. What makes the lights on the cave?
    Glow worms attracting moths
  22. Rotorura has geysers. Why?
    One of the worls’ most active geothermal areas
  23. Why is the Champagne Pool so named?
    Pool with lots of bubbles
  24. For each person in NZ, there are ______ sheep.
  25. What edible fish can you not buy in NZ?
  26. In 1769 Captain James ______ sailed into Poverty Bay.
  27. There a number of black sand beaches in NZ. Why is the sand black?
    Lava reduced to sand
  28. Arriving by air at Wellington is interesting if the plane lands long or lands short, what happens?
    Get wet
  29. What is the nickname of the main government building?
  30. What do the 4 stars in the NZ flag represent
    Southern cross
  31. Why was Shantytown founded?
    Gold rush
  32. When was the gold rush?
  33. Who primarily used Greenstone (Jade)?
  34. What do you think the Whaling Arch is made of?
    Whale ribs
  35. How high is Mt. Cook, the islands highest? coast?
  36. What is the longest glacier in NZ?
    Tazman glacier
  37. The Franz Joseph glacier is ___ miles long and ____ years old.
    7, 7000
  38. How far does the Franz Joseph “flow” in a day?
    3 feet
  39. Dunedin means what?
    Edinburgh of the south
  40. What is the national bird of NZ?
  41. What are the thimbles?
    A formation of three rocks
  42. What is the name of NZ’s largest national Park?
    Fjiordland NP
  43. What is the name of the famous fjord on the south island on the west.
    Milford sound
  44. Give two other uses for the word Kiwi (not in video)
    New Zealander and shoe polish
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