MUS Quiz 2

  1. Mr. Tambourine Man is herald as the first drug tune and led 60's music to the psychedelic period - aka "Acid Rock"
  2. Rare Earth, Motown's only white rock and soul band, was an experimental assault on the rock market that yielded over 10 million records sold worldwide.
  3. England's counterpart to America's James Dean was known as "teddy boys"
  4. Stevie Wonder, one of Motown's finest recording artists, recorded his first hit, Fingertips - Part 2 at age 12. This tune is also the first live recording to hit #1 in rock history
  5. The Beatles not only changed rock music history, but also changed the world of fashion and how society behaved.
  6. Bob Dylan, whose leading influence was Woodie Gutherie, is considered to be the first poet of the mass media.
  7. Ringo Starr is respected by many drummers and musicians for his unique percussive sound and technical drum fills.
  8. The Jackson 5 was Motown's last great act fronted by Michael Jackson who was viewed by any to "dance like a miniature James Brown"
  9. The Kinks, led by Van Morrison, were known as the precursors of heavy metal by the use of "power chord" playing.
  10. Lennon and McCartney composed many songs that provided other performers with hits.
  11. Led by Eric Burdon, The Animals were among the best of the British Invasion Bands. He is also the composer of the rock classic, Gloria.
  12. The "White Album" entitled The Beatles is ironically the least collaborative album of the group's output.
  13. Like a Rolling Stone is considered by critics to be Dylan's magnum opus. Rolling Stone Magazine named this #1 on their list of the greatest songs of all time.
  14. It was estimated that there were about 50 to 100 bands that formed during the San Francisco scene in the 1960's
  15. The Byrds, with their distinctive 12-string guitar sounds, was the group that successfully managed to synthesize the music of Bob Dylan and the Beatles.
  16. Motown's group, The Four Tops, were a cross between R&B and the Mill Brothers. Their music was built around lead singer Smokey Robinson.
  17. The Funk Brothers served as studio session players in Memphis for soul artists Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett.
  18. The Lennon - McCartney writing team worked well together throughout the tenure os the Beatles, contributing equally to each of their songs.
  19. (what group) were second only to Rolling Stones in influence among R&B based bands?
    The Animals
  20. (what) is a tame brand of pop folk music and traditional jazz (taken from New Orleans style). This music was made popular in England by Lonnie Donegan in the mid-fifties.
    Skiffle Music
  21. (what) is a term that describes a mix of R&B with extended guitar/harmonica jams.
  22. (who) , leader of the Bluesbreakers, is known as the elder statesman of British Blues?
    John Mayall
  23. (who) was one of the most important female groups in rock history. Their music is the purest expression of the Motown sound.
    Diana Ross & the Supremes
  24. (what group) was the group that synthesized Dylan and the Beatles and launched the folk-rock era.
    The Byrds
  25. The success of Motown can almost entirely be attributed to one man - (who)
    Berry Gordy
  26. (who) has been referred to as the "Fifth Beatle."
    George Martin
  27. The Yardbirds were the starting point for the three great guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and (who) .
    Jimmy Page
  28. The Times They Are A-Changin' was (who's) most overt protest album.
    Bob Dylan
  29. (who) is respected by many drummers and musicians for his excellent timekeeping. He fit the famous group he played for perfectly.
    Ringo Starr
  30. Memphis soulman, (who) never made a major impact upon pop audiences but brought a country influence to R&B in the mid-sixties
    Solomon Burke
  31. An introspective style emerged in the music in what period?
    Middle Period
  32. The use of studio techniques can be heard more in what period?
    Late Period
  33. Albums such as Please Please Me and With the Beatles fall into what period?
    Early Period
  34. Social statements and, at times, a Dylan influence can be heard in the music of what period?
    Middle Period
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