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  1. Revenue Function -
    Total Revenue generated from selling x units. R(x) = xp(x)
  2. Cost Function -
    The cost of producing x units of a certain product. C(x)
  3. Marginal Profit Function -
    The additional profit for selling one additional unit. P'(x) = R'(x) - C'(x)
  4. Average Cost Function -
    The cost per unit when x units of a certain product are produced. c(x) = C(x)/x
  5. Profit Function -
    Total profit from selling x units. The Excess of revenue over cost. P(x) = R(x) - C(x)
  6. Marginal Cost Function -
    The extra cost of producing one additional unit. C'(x)
  7. Demand/Price Function -
    The price per unit that the company can charge if it sells x units. p(x)
  8. Marginal Revenue Function -
    The extra revenue for selling one additional unit. R'(x)
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